The Vita Divina Project from enfleshed

Welcome to the Vita Divina Project - a spiritual resource that centers queer and trans flesh as a divine encounter. All of the art used in this project was created by folks in LGBTQIA communities, offering their lives and experiences and creations for reflection, grounding, and spiritual nourishment.

Each Wednesday, we'll be releasing a new image for reflection on social media and our website. If you'd like to receive this resource directly in your email inbox, you can do so by signing up here. You can also check out our limited print edition of this resource through the button below.

This practice is rooted in the lectio divina and visio divina traditions of repetitive meditation on sacred texts and scriptures. In this series, we recognize the lives and art of queer and trans folk as a source of sacred reflection for collective life. You will be invited to meditate on the image three times, each guided by a question and closing with a single word for ongoing reflection.

The meditation will take about 15 minutes.

Now, let's get started.

This week's art piece is by Zoe Schein. You can see more of their work here.

Vita Divina Steps

1. Grab your journal, if you’d like. Light a candle, if you’re inclined. Prepare to receive what may come, from this time, this practice, this encounter. Bring your awareness to your body. Come into a posture that is comfortable for you.

2. Take three deep breaths - in, and out. Remember the word for breath is Spirit. Ruach. Pnuema. Breathing in, letting go, we open ourselves to the offerings of these artists, and the gifts of the Sacred revealed through this practice.

3. Set a timer for three minutes and meditate on the below image.

4. Journal, discuss, or meditate for three minutes on the question: How do you feel, encountering this piece?

5. Reflect on the image again, this time for one minute.

6. Journal, discuss, or meditate for three minutes on the question: What transformation is being called forth in this piece?

7. Reflect on the image a last time, for one minute.

8. Journal, discuss, or meditate for three minutes on the question: How is Divine Life reimagined by this piece?

As we draw this practice to a close, what are you noticing about your experience of this practice? I invite you to find one word, that resonates with your encounter.

Speak the word, and/or write it down.

Let it be your prayer for the day or the week. Tuck it into your pocket or carry it in your mind. May the Sacred Wisdom, enfleshed in queer and trans beloveds, and all who practice rierce survival, radical solidarity, and courageous love, go with you.