Katrina Lavarro Portfolio

This portfolio showcases some of my favorite assignments and work that I have done in Digital Imaging

Paint Effects

For this assignment, we had to take a normal photograph and transform it to look like a painting using photoshop. We used different brushes to mimic paint strokes and also added texture to the background to resemble a canvas.

For the second Paint Effects assignment, I decided to "paint" my friend's photograph of the Los Angeles skyline with a beautiful pink sky in the background.


Photo Restoration

During the photo restoration assignment, we used the Patch Tool and the Spot Healing Brush to correct the white lines across the photo and to edit the old man's left eye. This assignment was especially fun because we learned how to edit faults in photos.

Surrealism Project

For my surreal Project I decided to replace my friend's head with a cloud to give a representation of the saying "You've got your head in the clouds". I wanted him to hold a rose to symbolize his love for a girl. I wanted the photo to show the message that when we are in love, we our in our own world and once again, have our heads in the clouds.

Adobe illustrator

Using Adobe Illustrator, we had to create a cartoon by tracing it's outline by using the Pen Tool. For this assignment I chose the character Mr. Poopybutthole from the show Rick and Morty because it's one of my favorite shows and he's a fun and goofy character.

Artist Presentation

For the artist presentation assignment, my group and I decided to focus on the Japanese painter, Hokusai. I enjoyed this project because we got to learn about the history of a certain artist. I also enjoyed this because I am a fan of his work and really enjoyed researching about his paintings

Element of Art

Another assignment I really enjoyed was making a Spark Page based on explaining an element of art. My group focused on Line as an element. This assignment was one of my favorites because I really enjoyed designing a web page.


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