The World of Work COMMERCE

1. Why do people want to work?

Most people choose to work for the following reasons:

  • To earn an income
  • To boost self-esteem and to make an impact in the community
  • To escape boredom or loneliness
  • To bring pleasure; as work is an outlet for creative talent
  • To help others
  • A person may believe in a strong work ethic
  • There may be a niche market

What is the difference between paid and unpaid work?

Paid work is when you receive money for the use of your skills and services in order to complete a task and achieve a result.

Unpaid work refers to the completeion of voluntary tasks without receiving something other than a result in exchange. It also refers to home duties and chores such as gardening and cleaning.

3. Use the internet to analyse a preferred job advertisement of your choice.

I researched a Law clerk position offered by Michael Fleming & Associates.

Why would you like to have this job?

I would like to have this job as I have a strong interest in pursuing law after I graduate. Becoming a law clerk would be a fantastic starting opportunity whilst delving into the world of law and overall I think it would benefit me in many ways.

What are the annual pay and conditions of employment?

The conditions of employment require the applicant to be competent and have some experience in Law in order to perform jobs tasks and responsibilities such as banking, trust recording, settlements and general office work.

The salary would be around 50,000 to 59,000 a year.

For this position, what factors affect the supply of labour or people to fill this vacancy?

Perhaps the supply of labour depends on the number of students who are qualified for the position and are able to attend the firm's location.

For this position, what factors affect the demand for labour by this company or business?

The demand for labour is perhaps affected due to the company's recognisation and urgency for new staff. This job position is a good opportunity for the firm to promote its business while simultaneously providing training and assistance to the employee. In return for this service, the firm has access to extra staff if needed and also boosts their company name by satisfying the requirements of its employees.

4. Interview someone you know that has been involved with voluntary work.

What type of work are they involved with and what tasks do they perform?

Grace volunteers for the Salvation Army and completes job tasks such as cleaning, sorting and folding of clothes.

How many hours per week or year are spent on unpaid work?

Grace spends an hour a week volunteering after school.

What are the main reasons for being involved in voluntary work?

Grace believes that volunteering for the Salvation Army is a "great experience to prepare" her for the workforce, while simultaneously "standing in the community" and impacting the lives of those who are perhaps less fortunate than others.

If they were paid for their work how much would the position receive annually?

Grace would receive approximately $500 a year for her duties.

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