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Campaign Overview

The #KnowUrBody campaign is a movement created by Kotex, designed to bring awareness and education to young girls about their changing bodies. The U by Kotex brand believes that every woman has a unique and beautiful experience with her own body, and works to promote this idea through its products. However, Kotex knows that not every girl has access to the proper menstruation products or the adequate education and information about menstruation and the changes that happen to her body. Reaching puberty can mean dropping out of school for some girls who don't have access to bathrooms or adequate products. For the more than one in eight women who live below the poverty line in the United States, access to tampons and pads is extremely difficult. In 2015, one in five children in the U.S. lived in poverty (National Women's Law Center, 2015) and for these girls education about their bodies can often be lacking and insufficient. Decreased access to women's health education can have detrimental impacts on a young girl's chance at a successful, happy, and healthy future.

By utilizing social media, the #KnowUrBody campaign aims to de-stigmatize a girl’s journey through puberty and show her that she’s not alone. The campaign will promote useful information and personal journeys on social media, hopefully educating young girls that may not receive the help they need in either their homes or schools.

#KnowUrBody Objectives

  • #KnowUrBody seeks to show young girls that puberty and menstruation do not have to stop them from achieving their goals, and that their body is a work of art and not something to be ashamed or unsure of.
  • This campaign will share basic information about menstruation and puberty on the various social media platforms to bring education to girls who may not receive this information from parental figures or classes in school.
  • It will also share personal journeys and self-care tips submitted by followers on the U by Kotex social media accounts.
  • #KnowUrBody will use influential female figures popular among the target audience like SZA and Zendaya to promote the campaign.
  • Bring U by Kotex representatives to CVSes, Walgreens, and other drug store locations in low-income neighborhoods across the U.S. to distribute information and free feminine hygiene products.
Target Audience: #KnowUrBody aims to reach young girls between the ages of 9-18 and provide them with the education necessary to deal with their changing bodies. It also hopes to connect with women of all ages, encouraging them to share their own menstruation stories to end the stigma around periods.

Previous Campaigns

Always #LikeAGirl Campaign

Photos from Always #LikeAGirl campaign

The Always #LikeAGirl campaign reclaimed the insult by showing what it truly means to do anything, "like a girl." The campaign originated in a series of videos featuring young girls being asked to do various things "like a girl." The campaign aimed to reverse the damage that can be done to a young girl's self-esteem during puberty. The campaign was pushed heavily via television and online advertisements, as well as on Always' social media sites. U by Kotex hopes to promote #KnowUrBody in a similar way, using the power of the brand amongst its female base to gain initial attention and create trending posts. #KnowUrBody differs from #LikeAGirl in that it focuses more on educating young girls about puberty, in order to prevent puberty from getting in the way of living their lives. It also hopes to end the stigma around periods by encouraging women to hold open discourse about it, instead of being ashamed of their bodies.


#TheHomelessPeriod campaign originated in Great Britain when three interns at an advertising company decided to increase awareness about homeless women's access to sanitary products. They created a video interviewing Patricia, a woman who struggled living on the streets and managing her period. This grassroots campaign created a petition calling for 100,000 signatures to bring free pads and tampons to homeless shelters in England. As the campaign gained traction people began to create their own pad and tampon drives in cities across the world. While #KnowUrBody does not necessarily apply to homeless shelters, and it would not be economically feasible for the Kotex company to provide several homeless shelters with free products, it shares the common goal of de-stigmatizing periods and bringing menstruation into the public discourse. Like #TheHomelessPeriod campaign, #KnowUrBody will result in direct action when U by Kotex representatives travel to different drug stores around the country.

If Men Had Periods

Started by WaterAidUK, a charity dedicated to increasing communities' access to safe water, toilets, and sanitary products, the #IfMenHadPeriods campaign was started to show what menstruation would look like if it was a "women's issue." The campaign consisted of three short commercial advertisements, making light of what periods would be seen as if it were something men experienced. The campaign shared the similar goal of #KnowUrBody by drawing attention to menstruation and attempting to decrease the stigmas around periods. #KnowUrBody will not employ humor like this campaign did, and instead will focus more on providing education to girls so they can feel strong and confident in their bodies.

Campaign Deliverables

  • The campaign will begin on the first day of May, and end on Menstrual Hygiene Day (May 28) when U by Kotex representatives will travel to 10 drug stores in low-income communities across the country and hand out free menstrual care products and information pamphlets related to female health.
  • Engage the Twitter and Instagram following of the U by Kotex accounts by tweeting at least 3 times a day with the hashtag #KnowUrBody. Tweets will contain helpful tips, body-positive motivation, or interesting and informative articles about female health, often directing followers to the U by Kotex website which has a blog full of Q&A style information.
  • Post on Instagram at least once a day. Instagram posts will be longer, and primarily focus on sharing the personal stories of women to create more discourse around menstruation and the female body. Instagram will also host #MenstruationMonday where the account will post a photo of a coupon code for buy one get one free Kotex tampons and pads.
  • Solicit personal stories via Twitter and Instagram direct messages of different women's experiences with their bodies either during puberty or currently in relation to their menstruation. These will be posted on the Instagram account once a day in order to show girls that what they are experiencing is normal.
  • Start a Snapchat account for U by Kotex, allowing Kotex brand employees to post their daily period struggles to the U by Kotex Snapchat story and promote the #KnowUrBody campaign.
  • Because it will be new a creation, the Snapchat will need to be promoted heavily on the Twitter and Instagram. U by Kotex will tweet, sharing the Snapchat code at least once a day. The Snapchat code will also be posted to Instagram frequently.
  • Use celebrities like SZA and Zendaya to promote the #KnowUrBody campaign on Snapchat, by hosting two "takeover" days, where SZA and Zendaya each have complete control over the U by Kotex Snapchat for a full day, leading up to the May 28 event. These women show what it means to be strong and are popular among the target audience.
SOCIAL MEDIA CONTENT: Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat will be the main social media platforms utilized in the campaign, because these are the most popular social media platforms of the target audience (19-18). U by Kotex currently has Twitter and Instagram accounts, but a Snapchat account will be a new creation as a part of the campaign.


The campaign will tweet original content at least 3 times a day, at 8 a.m., 12 p.m. and 8 p.m. EST, and retweet appropriate accounts throughout the day that relate to the goals of #KnowUrBody. Original tweets will sometimes include useful information for girls going through puberty, specifically about how to navigate periods or physical changes in their bodies. Sometimes tweets will also contain links to helpful guides or articles published by reputable medical sites or women's health blogs or link directly to the U by Kotex website which is full of important resources. Twitter will also be used to solicit the personal stories that will be shared daily on the Instagram account. The campaign will also tweet a picture of the U by Kotex Snapcode, encouraging followers to add the account and keep up with the Snapchat stories.

Sample tweets.
U by Kotex blog
U by Kotex blog


Instagram will be used to post at least once a day, depending on how many submissions come in from followers. These posts will typically be focused on a personal story sent in by a woman who wishes to share her own journey with her body. These stories will be solicited over Instagram and Twitter direct messaging. The Instagram will also be helpful in promoting the new Snapchat account, and specifically the SZA and Zendaya takeover days. Instagram will also host #MenstruationMondays, where every Monday during the month of May the Instagram account posts a coupon code for a BOGO Kotex product.

Screenshot by me.
Screenshot by me.
Screenshot by me.
Screenshot by me.


U by Kotex does not currently have a Snapchat account, so this campaign will create one and promote it heavily on Instagram and Twitter. Snapchat will be used to promote the celebrity endorsement aspect of the campaign. Zendaya and SZA, two strong female public figures who appeal to the target audience will each take over the Snapchat for a day (a few days before the May 28 event) and show how they like to practice their own self-care routines for their bodies. Throughout the day they will continuously update the U by Kotex snapchat story with different tips and tricks to make the best of being a woman. These takeovers will happen toward the end of the month, once the Snapchat account has been promoted on the other platforms and gained a bigger following.

Photos by Glamour and artisticmanifesto.com
The #KnowUrBody campaign knows what a hard time puberty can be, and U by Kotex is here to help. By making information about periods and puberty more accessible to girls, #KnowUrBody hopes to encourage more girls to embrace their bodies and not let menstruation stop them from going after what they want. U by Kotex believes that no period should get in the way of a woman achieving her dreams and loving her body.


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