App Design For student accommodation


Week 1

I researched into different apps and websites, getting inspiration and allowing me to create personas for both tenant and landlord. This helped me to figure out what each type of person using the app would want from it.

Week 2

After creating the personas, I wrote out what I thought would be appropriate names for pages in the app on sticky notes. Using these sticky notes, i went round the college asking strangers to arrange them in order as they would use the app, below is the outcome of this. I then circled similarities together, allowing me to gauge what were popular groupings in this test.

Then, using the previous test as inspiration, I created a diagram to indicate how you can move through the app based on people's response.

Once I had created these links, I then made paper prototypes and gave them to three different people to test. This proved very useful as it brought a good few problems to light that I personally hadn't thought of. This allowed me to refine my ideas further and let me focus more on the design afterwards.

Week 3

After making this diagram, I then created these wireframes to get an idea of how I would lay out my screens and what would fit where.

Week 4

I then created mood boards after researching into colour schemes, textures, layouts and logos.

Week 5

After producing the mood boards, I then created style tiles, which helped me refine my ideas and explore things such as text, icons, buttons and colour palettes.

Week 6

After the research process, it was time to start creating mock ups in Illustrator and Photoshop. Here are examples of the two ideas I created using the colour schemes etc from my research. I made three screens for each idea and from that, had a briefing with one of my lecturers to explain why I designed them like this and which idea I wished to take forward (It ended up being the first one).

Idea 1
Idea 2

Week 7

After designing the mock ups and choosing my preferred idea, I began to work on creating all the screens (or at least 10). Below are my final screens created in Illustrator.

Week 8

After creating the final screens, I then began working on InVision. I used it to show my navigation throughout the app and work out any kinks that weren't found in the previous processes.

Here is the final InVision link...


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