Different Experiences at Harn Good Life Tour of the Harn

This sculpture is goddess of the healing water, Islandia. Seeing this sculpture at a close distance gave me a striking impression of its bright color and accurate proportions. Because of the bright gold color and the impeccable design of the facial expression, I feel the holiness that spread out of this sculpture, which can only be sensed when you face this piece of art directly.

This part of the museum is very appealing to me because people can sit and enjoy the painting behind and in front of them. Harn Museum is a big place so having comfortable sofa make the entire trip more enjoyable. Sitting in the sofa, I feel that I am part of a art since I was surrounding by all beautiful arts. The space and the way those arts are exhibited will not let people feel intense so people can enjoy the art in a very relaxed way.

This piece of art give me a sense of inequality which is one of the big value of my life. I was born in China where one-child policy was prevalent. My family thought a son was much valuable than a daughter and I saw lots of injustice between girls and boys in Chinese education. Studying in America, I feel that people have the freedom say and act what they want. The Women's March happened several days emphasized the core value of equality and I feel this piece of art show how important equality is. (my pose is very similar surprisely)

This piece of art is Gandhara, the seated Buddha. This art reminds me of the story of Siddhartha and let me think internally about the life that I am going through now. As a new comer in college, I feel I enter a small society where everything is determined by my own actions. I encountered lots of troubles and suffering but I feel it is good to become suffering because the true meaning of life is gradually revealed itself which motivates me to push more violently in my life. After reading Siddhartha and observing Gandhara, I feel that suffering is inevitable but correct view of experiencing suffering can bring more ideas out of the terrible experience and therefore make yourself less painful internally and externally.

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