The Super Annuity

An Introduction by Phillip Wasserman

In the tumultuous times that we are currently living in, many people are looking for ways to protect themselves and their retirement from the extreme market volatility that we see on a daily basis. CD’s and other fixed interest products have historically low interest rates and most people are looking for more growth than they provide. The markets are a rollercoaster, scaring most people from participating because they know they do not have the time to recover from a big loss if the markets collapse like they have seen in the past. So how can you get market upside and be protected from a potential market collapse? In the past, people bought annuities to protect them from loss and receive potential market gains. What they experienced instead was high fees and restrictive limits on their upside potential to the point that it was almost impossible to get any decent growth of their principal. On top of that, there is a huge number of different annuities, with a multitude of moving parts, which made it almost impossible to understand what they were buying and how it would work for them.

Enter the “Super Annuity”. In the hundreds of annuities that insurance companies are offering to the public, there are a very few Super Annuities. These products have NO FEES, NO LIMITS on market upside potential, NO RISK of loss, and NO PENALTIES on withdrawals (up to 10% of the total account value annually).

Sound to good to be true? Let me give you the details:

The Super Annuity has no fees at all. If the market collapses and the annuity makes no money, 100% of your principal remains in the annuity ready to take advantage of the next market upturn.

The Super Annuity has interest crediting strategies with no caps on growth, no spreads, and 100% participation rates or better depending on which strategy you pick to achieve the growth that you want.

Since the money you put into the annuity is never invested in the stock market, there is no risk of loss when the market takes a dive. It remains safe and secure in the annuity.

You also can elect to take up to 10% of the total value of the annuity as a distribution every year. In addition, the super annuity has a death benefit. Upon the death of the annuitant, the entire amount in the annuity is transferred to whoever you named as the beneficiary of the policy.

So what is the down side to the Super Annuity? It is a long term decision. When you place your money in a Super Annuity, you are committing the money to this product for at least 7 years and in most cases 10 years. If you decide to take out more than 10% in any given year you will face a surrender charge. Because of this, the Super Annuity is not suitable for all people. You must have enough funds out side of the annuity that if something should happen, that creates an unplanned expense, you are able to handle it using other money.

Why haven’t you heard about the Super Annuity before? First of all, with the hundreds of annuities being offered by insurance companies, and the difficult to understand crediting strategies, it is easily lost in the confusion. Secondly, many insurance agents do not take the time or make the effort to research all of the annuities that are being offered, to find the best recommendation for their clients. And finally, it pays very low commissions so most insurance agents do not want to offer it to their clients.

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