Summer of Love - ENROLMENT HAS ENDED Free Cisco Instructor Training - Summer 2020 - more >>> IT-Essentials, CyberOps and CCNA1 <<< Supported by the UKI NetAcad community


In the UK and Ireland, four Cisco ITC's have joined forces. Creating the Summer of Love concept. This is a collection of Cisco Instructor Training courses supporting all teachers from all backgrounds.

Our plan was to offer this before Covid19 became a reality. However, as events overtook us we have pushed forward our plans, extended the collaboration and improved our offer.

So what can you do?

Nothing as enrolment has closed,

We are offering the following three courses (and four intakes):

  • CCNA1v7 - first intake 1st of May - enrolment deadline 30th of April >>>(ENROLMENT CLOSED)
  • CCNA CyberOps - intake 18th of May - enrolment deadline 17th of May >>>(ENROLMENT CLOSED)
  • IT-Essentials - intake 26th of May - enrolment deadline 25th of May >>>(ENROLMENT CLOSED)
  • CCNA1v7 - first intake 1st of June - enrolment deadline 31st of May <<< ENROLMENT NOW CLOSED

To enrol (and learn more) you must read on ... this means you must scroll down!


Who is doing what?

This is a collaboration between four experienced ITC's. Supported by the Open University in association with the Institute of Coding, and working with the University of Wales, Trinity St David, Birmingham City University and Technological University Dublin.

University of Wales: Trinity St David

University of Wales: Trinity St David - will be leading on the CCNA1 (Introduction to Networks) Version 7 - we have planned an initial intake for 1st of May and will allow an additional intake for 1st of June. This course will cease on the 1st of September.

Birmingham City University - will be leading on the IT-Essentials - v7 - we have planned an intake for 25th of May. This course will cease on the 1st of September.

Technological University Dublin - will be leading on the CCNA CyberOps - we have planned an intake for 18th of May. This course will cease on the 1st of September.

The Open University has considerable experience of distance learning and will be sharing our resources with the other ITC's. We will be sharing videos, email support and some of our cunning.

Since early 2019 - the OU has been working with the Institute of Coding (IoC). This outreach is partially supported by the IoC.

How you will study ...

These courses will be 100% remote, using the experience of the Open University - who have been teaching via distance learning for 50+ years and within NetAcad to 15,000+ students for over 15 years.

Once you commence the course, you will be included in periodic emails - reminding you what you need to do (and by when) -- all of the webinars are already pre-recorded. They were produced by the Open University and the Institute of Coding during 2019. The content is the same - so, think of these like an academic version of 'catch-up television'.

You MUST complete your assessment by the 1st of September. We will review the end date by mid-August - as Covid19 is a novel experience and the full impact yet to be understood. However, many of you will return to teaching during September. The earlier you pass, the easier it will be for the team to accredit you - this is planned for the 2nd of September.

Each course 'front page' will describe what you need to do to complete the course. Remember, you are 100% on your own. Please think of this as a MOOC (massive, open, online, course).

Zero Cost!

It is 100% free, the Open University, Birmingham City University, Technological University Dublin and University of Wales: Trinity St David will not charge you a single cent, penny, dime or pula.

If you are interested in Certification - only the CCNA CyberOps is directly linked. IT-Essentials notionally prepares you for the CompTIA A+, however you must leverage any certification opportunities independently of this course.

You may obtain a discount for the CCNA-CyberOps by gaining 70% or greater on the first attempt of the final exam. However, we will not help you prepare for the certification.

Late admission

There is no late admission to any course. Please do not waste your time by asking. We are offering this for free, the price of free is:

  1. Strict start/end dates
  2. Simplified assessment activitation
  3. No removal from system once any student (teacher) has registered.

... Enrolment ...

CCNA1v7 - Introduction to Networks

CCNA1v7 (Introduction to Networks) is provided by Kapilan Radhakrishnan and colleagues at the University of Wales: Trinity St David. We are now taking enrolments, for admission on the 1st of June 2020.

Enrolment has now ceased!

CCNA Cyber Security Operations (CyberOps)

CCNA CyberOps is provided by Tom Nolan (with the support of others) at the Technological University Dublin. There is one intake, using the link below. Anyone who enrols by 23:59 on the 17th of May - will be enrolled on the 18th of May 2020.

Enrolment has now ceased for the CyberOps course!

IT-Essentials v7

IT-Essentials v7 is provided by Ron Austin and colleagues at Birmingham City University. There is one intake, using the link below. Anyone who enrols by 23:59 on the 25th of May - will be enrolled on the 26th of May 2020.

Enrolment has now ceased for the IT Essentials course!

Why call it the 'Summer of Love'?

Three years ago - the Open University Cisco ASC/ITC ran a project using an 'incubator' - focussing on Linux skills. Enjoying a sense of comedic irony - the introductory course was called 'Summer of Love' and the follow up course, named 'Winter Wonderland'. Early in 2020 - Andrew Smith (OU) and Kapilan Radhakrishnan (UWTSD) agreed to replicate the experience in response to a request from teachers to offer a free CCNA1v7 over the summer of 2020.

Since - much has changed, Covid19 has become a way of life. This changed plans and coalesced support between Cisco ITC (instructor training centres). The OU already reaching 5000+ teachers - shared their experience with others. Where BCU and TU:Dublin were more than happy to collaborate with UWTSD and the OU.

We may not be promising flower power, during the Summer of Love. However, this is definitely community power.

Flower power - or not!

The protagonists ...

Would you let them run your academic programme?

In clockwise order, from top left - Ron Austin - Birmingham City University. Top right, Kapilan Radhakrishnan - University of Wales: Trinity St David. Bottom right, Andrew Smith - The Open University and bottom left, Tom Nolan - Technological University Dublin.

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