Scientific Research james nelson, Class 3, Due Date: may 18, genus: gorilla

Grow and Develop

naturally increasing in size; maturing

Help Wanted for Growth and Development!

must work well with young baby gorillas and their mothers, preferably able to communicate with the gorillas

needs to be good at taking care of young children and helping them to grow and develop by giving them loving care for multiple hours each day- thanks for your interest in this job


able to create offspring

Scientific Spotlight- Amy Vedder

played a major role the last 20 years in helping preserve mountain gorillas. The population of mountain gorillas has increased in recent years proving that her efforts have seen results.

she implemented the Mountain Gorilla Project, which used ecotourism to help conserve the gorillas

Respond to Stimuli

reacting to a situation

Help Wanted!

We need people to help train gorillas to react to bad situation.

ex. if they see a poacher to know to run and hide

The person should be talented with animals, good with training, and good with the stress of being in a cage with a gorilla that could react poorly to seeing you and attack- thanks for your interest in this position


arranged in a systematic way

Current Event

On May 28, 2016, a 3 year old boy fell into a gorillas enclosure. In response to the situation, the zoo was forced to shoot and kill the silverback gorilla. His name was Harambe. The shooting scent a wave of anger throughout the country saying the situation was handled poorly, even though the zoo keeper says they made the right decision. It was a sad and dark day for humans and animals across the world, and our thoughts and prayers are with Harambe's family.

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