dancing To dubstep

Fik-Shun / SYTYCD

FIK-shun is one of my top dancers that i think is so amazing that i'm trying to dance like him and trying out new dance moves so i can have more control when i dance.


This man loves to dance to be honsted this guy said when he gets old and just can do the wave he will do it he loves dance that much in my eye he has something i wish i had for a skill but im just now trying my best at danceing one day i want to do something like this and show the world what i got and love it

look at the different dance moves they do all look the same but put in differment movemets i think u will like it this is just to show you different styles of dubstep danceing.

CYRUS Glitch

this dud is like the best robot in the world to dubstep he is so in control of his moves it just makes people love it in my words this dud is the best robot i ever seen

the people you see before you are Ditto/Marquese/and fik shun danceing to differnt songs to dubstep of there top best 3 dance videos

and this is me dancing to a dubstep song

his moves seem so slow but in a fast at the same time

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