Metatarsals and Phalanges Muscles and bones

The metatarsals are bones from the center of the foot that articulates with the Tarsals and the phalanges. The Foot has 26 bones.
Some muscles associated with the metatarsals are the Flexor digiti minimi brevis, Dorsel interossei IV, Plantar interossei III, horizontal head of adductor hallucis, and the Fibularis tertius.
The phalanges in the foot are located near the end they come right after your metatarsals. The human foot is divided into the tarsals metatarsals and Phalanges. The back bone that you can see forming part of the ankle or heel is the Tarsal . Your toe is also a phalanx.
The Flexor digitorum longus and the Extensor digitorum longus which are two muscles associated with the Phalanges they come out from your Phalanges and go up into your leg.
Freiberg disease also known as avasculer necrosis as you can see here it generally develops in the second Metatarsal but it can happen in any Metatarsal. It occurs when physical stress causes microfractures where the middle f the Metatarsal meet the growth plate. You can treat this through injections, immobilization, and orthotics.
March fracture is a fracture of the metatarsal bone its usually caused by reoccurring stress to these bones.the way to treat it is to rest it and avoid the offending activity, but if you feel the need to exercise you can only do the flowing activities. Cycling, aqua running, or resistance training.
Fractures and injuries to the toes are the most common of injuries in the foot. Toe fractures are most frequently caused by a crushing injury for instance stubbing your toe. This can be treated with a splint or a ridged-sole shoe to prevent joint movement.
Towel stretches can be used to exercise your metatarsals. All you need to do is place your legs flat on the floor and a towel at the end of your foot, then pull the towel with both hands and it can stretch your metatarsals.
Sugary foods can cause inflammation in your foot. Inflammation can affect your health, Thats why healthy foods are important to eat especially if you have an injury in your foot. Some foods you should eat are things like fish, and any other thing that includes fruits and vegetables can reduce inflammation.
Jobs that use your Phalanges and Metatarsals is really any job that you are constantly on your toes such as, a Doctor, Veterinarian, School teacher, or any kind of nurse.


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