Liberal lies or radical republicans? Bailey VanDenBerg

In a world where the line between entertainment and information is continuously blurred, it is getting harder and harder to determine the truth coming out of our biased and saturated media networks. Media networks tend to distort, or even fail to talk about, events/issues that don't support their political scheme. They push the agendas of big political machines while disregarding and neglecting the truth. News anchors, journalists, and commentators are attacked by their political opposites. How are most Americans expected to decipher the truth in what they see or read in the news? Are these lies from the liberal side or are all Republicans radical?

America elected Donald J. Trump President of the United States, yet it would be difficult to find a truly unbiased report on his first 100 days in office among the mainstream networks. One network that is known for honest, straightforward reporting is under a barrage of attacks from all sides. Fox News and Journalist Bill O'Reilly recently came under a string of attacks by the left for alleged sexual advances toward his staff. Bill O'Reilly hosted The O'Reilly Factor on Fox News. It was the number one rated news show on cable and number one for its 7 o'clock time slot. Several people have come out and refuted these accusations in support of O'Reilly, including President Donald Trump. However, the same people that accuse O'Reilly seem willing to turn a blind eye to Hillary Clinton's role in covering up her husband's exploits and attacking the victims that came forward. No one forced Bill Clinton out of his job when he was caught lying to the American people on national television.

One of Trump's campaign promises was to build a wall to secure our border. Liberals tend to say that this is an attack on hardworking people who love America. Republicans say they are trying to protect Americans and their way of life. According to a Heritage Foundation report, aliens commit federal crimes three times more frequently than American citizens. That doesn't sound like Republicans are being very radical in wanting to stem that influx.

Does anyone have any doubts that Hillary Clinton lied repeatedly about her personal email account? Liberals would have us believe the focus on this issue is tantamount to a witch hunt. She claimed to have turned over all work related emails.... then she had to admit there were more. She claimed she hadn't used it to transmit any classified information .... then over one hundred documents proved that was untrue. So she tries to say they weren't labeled classified .... which is also found to be untrue. The list could go on .... but does it need to? Are Republicans radical for expecting better than this from our Secretary of State?

In order for Americans to have the best understanding of world issues and political actions, we need a news media that delivers news.... facts .... interviews relevant parties from both sides of every issue. Let's have entertainment for our amusement and unbiased news coverage for political events and issues.

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