Tuning Into Exhibition By - ISHA RATANGHAYRA, 5C

Tuning Into Exhibition - Reflection

We did this activity to understand that there are so many more ideas that we did not think of before for How People Express Themselves. I noticed that some people had put pictures that didn't fit that place. I didn’t really think of new ideas!

6th Grade Talk - Reflection

The 6th graders talked to us about the challenges we’ll face & the hard work & effort it takes for exhibition. They even told us that the topic we choose also matters because we cannot choose a too broad or too narrow topics, we need the perfect balance! They also told us that we will not be with our friends! We have to create our own central idea & the lines of inquiry. We will have a mentor teacher who will help us if we have any difficulties. After the groups are made, we cannot change them.


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