Not Enough Transportation The Aviation Student's Strugle

The buses at Liberty University could use an update to their routing. There is only one bus on the aviation route, this creates a problem for the aviation students forced to wait on it.

The aviation students right now must wait for the bus to pick up students from main campus and drive over to the Aviation building, arriving when classes start, so those who need to go back to main campus get back 15 minutes after classes have already started

There are an average of FIVE buses running on the 70 route and an average of SIX running on the 71 route, these buses often pile up on the 70 route causing traffic jams and delays.

Liberty could easily change one of the 70 buses to the 76 (aviation) route.

This would make a great impact on the aviation students that have to wait on the bus every day.

Created By
Jonathan Deane


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