Dolphin Tales March 2019

Club News:

General Membership Meeting - Wednesday, March 6

A general membership meeting will be held on Wednesday, March 6, at 6:00 pm at the Kamiak High School Pool. Please plan to have at least one parent come to the pool for this meeting. It should be relatively quick, but board members will be present to answer questions.

  • A vote on proposed updates to our team bylaws (attached and available on the team homepage).
  • A vote to elect new board members (some will be filling current vacancies, and some will be for the upcoming season starting September 2019. The slate of nominees is listed below, but we will also take nominees from the floor:
  1. David Dean
  2. Molly Cady
  3. Jeff Cordick
  4. Veronica Baez-Guzman
  5. Doug Rusk
  • Our team Swim-A-Thon kick off will be that night as well. We have decided to push the event back to May, but we will be handing out information and the collection packets at the meeting.

Swim-A-Thon is a fundraiser in which participants earn money for our swim team by swimming a maximum of 200 lengths of the pool in two hours time. Participants get pledges from businesses, family, neighbors, etc., prior to swimming. Some choose to get pledges and money prior to swimming while others get pledges per length and collect the money following the Swim-A-Thon.

The Swim-A-Thon is not only an excellent fundraiser, but also an opportunity for our team to combine swimming along with a social event. Additionally, our Swim-A-Thon can boost our team spirit and increase community awareness of our team.

Stay tuned for more information and a new date!!!

Meet Janey Ryu!!!

Group: Silver

Age: 11 Grade: 6

FavoriteStroke/Event: 200 back & 50 breast

Role Model: All my friends who are older than me

Favorite Swimmer: Michael Phelps & Katie Ledecky

Why Swimming is the BEST sport: It's year round, it strengthens you, and in the end, the pain is worth it

Favorite activities out of the water: Theater and running

Famous person you'd like to meet: Lin Manuel-Miranda, Emma Watson & Amanda Stenberg

Favorite Book: Five Feet Apart

Favorite Movie: The Hate U Give

When I grow up I want to be: On stage, in the theater department

From the Head Coach

We survived the snow and for those that missed a lot of practices we are hopefully back in good swimming shape now.

Last weekend we had 39 swimmers compete at Divisionals. The week before that we had a group of boys compete at the High School State Championships.

Highlights from these two meets are featured in this newsletter.

Here are the upcoming meets for the rest of the Short Course season:

  • March 9-10 March Madness @ Mercer Island
  • March 14-17 Speedo SR Sectionals @ KCAC
  • March 21-24 NW Age Group Regionals @ KCAC
  • March 30-31 PNS Spring Showdown

HP/SR/Gold News

We are in the final weeks of training for the “Championship Season”. First comes Speedo Sectionals March 14-17 where we have five swimmers competing. Then comes Age Group Regionals March 21-24 where we have seven (so far) swimmers competing. Hopefully we will still add a few more! And then Finally is PNS Spring Showdown March 30-31 for non-Regional qualifiers.

When we get to the home stretch of training before the BIG meets, we focus on putting everything together that we’ve been working on all season. In the final weeks we gradually reduce the training load (this is the “taper”) and try to fine-tune everything and let the body recover from months of hard training so it can perform optimally when the “big” meet arrives. There is no magic in a taper, it is just simply what was explained above…being rested enough to have optimal performance… without being rested so much that conditioning suffers.

The amount of time to taper varies from swimmer to swimmer. In general, the harder one has trained, and the more tired they are, the longer they need to taper. It can range anywhere from a few days to a few weeks (sometimes even longer). Most of our swimmers will taper between one and two weeks.

Part of a successful taper is what you are doing AWAY from the pool: getting more sleep, conserving energy, eating healthier, and trying to keep stress to a minimum. Being in a positive mental state is also key for a successful Championship meet. Your mind has a lot of control over your race performance. One of my favorite quotes is “Convince the MIND, and the BODY will follow”.

I’m looking forward to a great Championship Season.

Bronze News

I am excited to have coach Lisa involved with coaching Bronze now. I am still planning to stay involved with coaching Bronze as well, and Lisa and I are coordinating our plans for Bronze practices whether it is Lisa coaching or me on any given day.

I was disappointed that we didn’t have more Bronze swimmers compete at Divisionals as it was one of the final “Championship” meets for the short course season. It looks like our entries for the March Madness meet are a little bit higher, which is good. After that we have one more opportunity to compete in this short course season at the PNS Spring Showdown at KCAC. The time standards are PNS Silver for 10&U. For 11&O they are much faster…in most cases PNS Gold times or faster. If you ARE qualified, I urge you to please enter the meet. It is going to be a great end-of-season meet.

See you at the pool!

Head Coach Doug


Our greatest volunteer need at the upcoming LaFave meet will be in the position of timers. This is our first long course meet of the season which means the pool down at KCAC will be set up in 50 meter configuration. Our goal is to run double ended starts for all races longer than 50 m. This makes the meet go significantly faster but requires twice as many timers. Instead of 16 timers (8 lanes, 2 timers/lane) we need 32! Usually we ask visiting teams to help us by providing a couple timers each session but we absolutely MUST be able to cover 16 timing positions. Please plan to come down and time for 2 sessions to help us run a successful meet!

Meet Abby Cady!!!

Group: Senior/Gold

Age: 14 Grade: 9

FavoriteStroke/Event: Free 1500

Role Model: Serena Williams

Favorite Swimmer: Simone Manuel

Why Swimming is the BEST sport: Because you don't have to run; no one sees you sweat

Favorite activities out of the water: Sleeping, watching "That 70s Show"

Famous person you'd like to meet: Jennifer Lawrence

Favorite Book: The Hate U Give

Favorite Movie: That 70's Show

When I grow up I want to be: Teacher

SSCD Needs Officials!

We are looking for more parents to become certified as an Official to help support our swim team and successfully host our home swim meets.

While some swimming officials have been, or are swimmers themselves, many have not. What they have in common is a desire to be involved in working as a team for the betterment of the sport of swimming, a strong sense of fair play, support of swimmers and teams. Without Officials we will not be able to host and run our swim meets. Your participation is needed and valued by our coaches, swimmers, and families.

Please note that the SSCD covers the cost of the certification in appreciation of those who volunteer in this role. If you are interested in attending the training please contact Deb Soper at dlsoper@hotmail.com. Please feel free to reach out with any questions and thank you for your support.

Meet Destiny Nguyen!!!

Group: Bronze

Age: 11 Grade: 5

Favorite Stroke/Event: Breaststroke 50 & 100

Role Model: My amazing parents and coaches

Favorite Swimmer: Katie Ledecky & Michael Phelps

Why Swimming is the BEST sport: You get to move your whole body - you get more exercise that way

Favorite activities out of the water: Martial arts, reading, writing and just being outdoors

Famous person you'd like to meet: A lot of people

Favorite Book: Harry Potter series & lots of books by Wendy Mass

Favorite Movie: Harry Potter and lots of funny movies

When I grow up I want to be: Doctor or Teacher

Stay on Top of What's Happening
  • 4/26 - 4/28 - SSCD Hosted Swim Meet - SSCD Dick La Fave Long Course Kick-Off - Weyerhaeuser King County Aquatic Center, Federal Way
Team Highlights

From Coach Doug:

Meet Highlights for Bronze

Divisionals, Feb 22-24, @ Helene Madison

We had some good swims from Bronze swimmers. The top performer/improver was Minh Nguyen who dropped a total of 36.4 seconds in a total of 5 events totaling 550 yards, or 6.6 seconds per 100 yard average! Also CONGRATS to Aimee Birmingham and Destiny Nguyen for swimming the 100 Fly for the first time. Also, Destiny had 3 first place finishes!

Here are all the Best Times:

Grace Benedict, 10

  • 200 Free, 3:33.53, 3.0 sec drop
  • 50 Breast, 50.63, 0.7 sec drop

Aimee Birmingham, 11

  • 100 Fly, 1:51.72, 1st time!
  • 200 Free, 2:57.99, 30.2 sec drop
  • 50 Free, 37.02, 1.0 sec drop

Koushik Jayakumar, 10

  • 100 Back, 1:40.31, 4.1 sec drop
  • 100 Breast, 1:50.04, 10.5 sec drop

Masha Kutsyna, 11

  • 100 Breast, 1:28.60, 7.6 sec drop
  • 50 Back, 37.11, 0.7 sec drop

Destiny Nguyen, 10

  • 100 Fly, 1:45.42, 1st time!
  • 100 Free, 1:17.41, 2.4 sec drop
  • 200 IM, 3:07.05, 1st time!
  • 50 Back, 39.81, 0.6 sec drop
  • 50 Free, 33.94, 0.6 sec drop

Minh Nguyen, 10

  • 200 Free, 3:29.67, 9.6 sec drop
  • 200 IM, 3:33.55, 14.5 sec drop
  • 50 Back, 44.01, 8.5 sec drop
  • 50 Breast, 49.90, 2.4 sec drop
  • 50 Free, 42.25, 1.4 sec drop

Kennedy Studley, 10

  • 100 Back, 1:39.59, 25.2 sec drop
  • 50 Back, 45.12, 4.1 sec drop
  • 50 Breast, 48.22, 3.6 sec drop

Meet Highlights for HP/SR/Gold

Divisionals, Feb 22-24, @ Helene Madison

Nice job to everyone that competed at Divisionals. Seven swimmers combined for 21 best times. Michael Viray had 4 first place finishes, and Abby Cady had 3.

Best times:

Abby Cady, 14

  • 100 Back, 1:02.39, 1.0 sec drop
  • 200 Back, 2:13.65, 4.8 sec drop, REGIONALS TIME

Erika Carlson, 15

  • 100 Fly, 1:03.73, 2.1 sec drop
  • 200 Back, 2:28.58, 7.1 sec drop
  • 200 Fly, 2:23.23, 12.2 sec drop
  • 50 Breast, 33.79, 0.5 sec drop
  • 500 Free, 5:30.57, 8.4 sec drop

Summer Dean, 14

  • 100 Back, 1:06.66, 0.5 sec drop
  • 500 Free, 5:33.15, 1.8 sec drop

Ellie Patterson, 14

  • 100 Fly, 1:04.18, 0.3 sec drop
  • 100 Free, 56.76, 0.6 sec drop
  • 200 Free, 2:03.05, 3.5 sec drop
  • 200 IM, 2:19.23, 3.2 sec drop
  • 500 Free, 5:30.42, 2.4 sec drop

Maren Rusk, 13

  • 100 Breast, 1:15.31, 1.8 sec drop
  • 200 Breast, 2:42.45, 3.7 sec drop
  • 50 Breast, 35.81, 0.3 sec drop

Claire Smith, 13

  • 100 Breast, 1:15.47, 2.5 sec drop
  • 200 Breast, 2:44.34, 4.8 sec drop
  • 200 IM, 2:19.10, 0.4 sec drop

Michael Viray, 15

  • 50 Free, 23.96, 0.2 sec drop
Boys High School State Championships, Feb 15-16, @ KCAC

The highlight for SSCD was having brothers Vlad and Slava Gilszmer have a 1-2 finish in the 500 Free. Nice!


Vlad Gilszmer, 16 (Soph)

  • 200 Free, 1:42.29, 1.0 sec drop, 4th place
  • 500 Free, 4:35.12, 3.5 sec drop, 1st place, USA FUTURES TIME

Slava Gilszmer, 16 (Soph)

  • 500 Free, 4:40.61, 3.6 sec drop, 2nd place
  • 200 Free, 6th place


Ryan Reid, 17 (JR)

  • 500 Free, 4:52.41, 4.3 sec drop, 13th place

Nate Cordick, 17 (SR)

  • 500 Free, 11th place
  • 200 Free, 13th place

From Coach Matt:

February Divisional's best times

Blue Group:

Zoe W. (10&U):

  • 50Bk- 47.01 (6.81sec drop)
  • 200Fr- 3:12.30 (first time swim)

Gabby D: (10&U)

  • 50Br- 53.57 (1.3sec drop)
  • 100Br- 1:56.66 (1.93sec drop)

Mikyla R.:

  • 50Br- 51.70 (1.06sec drop)
  • 100Fr- 1:19.92 (2.96sec drop)
  • 50Fr- 34.60 (0.08sec drop)
  • 100 IM- 1:39.95 (7.49sec drop)

Silver Group:

Eva C.:

  • 50Br- 41.19 (1.56sec drop)
  • 50Fr- 29.63 (0.19sec drop)
  • 100Br- 1:32.10 (1.96sec drop)
  • 100Fr- 1:10.69 (1.19sec drop)

Brandon H.:

  • 200Br- 3:03.29 (first time swim)
  • 200Bk- 2:39.11 (first time swim)
  • 200IM- 2:39.95 (first time swim)
  • 100Fly- 1:22.62 (first time swim)

Celina H.:

  • 200 IM- 2:41.01 (2.48sec drop) Gold time
  • 50Br 36.68 (0.34sec drop)
  • 200Br- 2:56.87 (3.24sec drop)
  • 200Fr- 2:24.36 (3.47sec drop) Gold Time

Katelyn J.:

  • 100Fly- 1:28.24 (first time swim)

Julia L.:

  • 200 IM- 2:41.71(2.82sec drop) Gold time
  • 100BK- 1:14.20 (1.73sec drop)
  • 100Fr- 1:06.98 (0.24sec drop)
  • 100Fly- 1:16.15 (4.05sec drop) Gold time
  • 100Br- 1:28.22 (3.63sec drop) Gold time
  • 50Fr- 30.39 (0.17sec drop)

Sophia M:

  • 50Fly- 37.40 (2.04sec drop)
  • 200Br- 2:07.78 (22.20sec drop)
  • 100Br- 1:29.19 (0.16sec drop)

Ava P:

  • 500Fr- 7:14.88 (57.81sec drop)
  • 50Bk- 36.77 (2.17sec drop) Gold time
  • 200Fr- 2:42.86 (4.83sec drop)
  • 50Fr- 32.41 (0.25sec drop)

Keegan W.:

  • 50Fly- 34.96 (7.46sec drop)
  • 50Bk- 34.75 (3.40sec drop)
  • 100Br- 1:21.22 (5.74sec drop)
  • 50Fr- 28.17 (0.98sec drop)


Conor Q.:

  • 400 IM- 4:40.53 (2:00.93 drop)
  • 50Fly- 26.31 (1.40sec drop)
  • 100Bk- 56.59 (1.78sec drop) Regionals time cut
  • 200Fly- 2:17.64 (49.5sec drop)
  • 200Fr- 1:52.28 (2.98sec drop)
  • 200Bk- 2:08.28 (8.55sec drop)

From Coach Andi:

Welcome back to the pool purple and red - many of our swimmers have been away for almost a month! Congratulations to our swimmers of the month Angela Ngo who participated in her first swim meet and Bradyen Cretin who dropped dropped 7.41 seconds on his 100 Freestyle.

If your swimmer has a GOLD time please sign up now for Dick La Fave meet in April. If your swimmer has earned a SILVER time please sign up for Spring Showdown March 30-31st.

NEW EQUIPMENT! Purple group will now be using hand paddles during practice, please make sure to order their correct size. My personal favorite is the Aqua Sphere Ergo Flex and can be ordered from Amazon, Silvia's or Swim Outlet.

Meet Highlights ~ February Divisional's

Red Group

Angela Ngo

  • 25 Back FTBT 35.01
  • 25 Free FTBT 32.20
Purple Group

Charlotte Miga

  • 100 Free SILVER TIME cut -10.71
  • 100 IM SILVER TIME cut -2.34
  • 50 Breast cut -.78
  • 50 Free SILVER TIME cut -1.91

Kodiak Studley

  • 50 Free cut 1.45

Joshua Mack

  • 50 Free SILVER TIME cut -.82

Kaiden Nguyen

  • 50 Fly SILVER TIME & FTBT 44.62

Meet Brayden Cretin!!!

Group: Purple

Age: 10 Grade: 4th

Favorite Stroke/Event: 50 Freestyle

Role Model: My teacher Mrs. Largent

Favorite Swimmer: My dad

Why Swimming is the BEST sport: It is the most challenging sport and it is fun

Favorite activities out of the water: Cub Scouts, school, and playing video games

Famous person you’d like to meet: LeBron James

Favorite Book: Any books about gaming

Favorite Movie: Infinity War

When I grow up I want to be: A surgeon


As a swim parent who wants the best for their little swammer you know that it can be very difficult walking the fine line between being too involved and being too aloof with your kiddo’s performance.

For young swimmers who are get particularly excited or over-anxious it is helpful to understand that part of the reason they are feeling this way has to do with how anxious the parents are before competition.

As it turns out, the stress and anxiety we feel about our swimmer’s performance trickles down into how stressed and anxious they are.

Research performed at Ithaca College sought out to see just how much of an effect there was. The researchers worked with a group of youth athletes, ranging from 6 to 18, in a few different individual sports, including swimming.

The day before a big competition the athletes and the parents were both given questionnaires to see how both expected the athlete to perform, and how they were feeling in regards to the upcoming meet.

If you have been around these parts, and read through either this guide on swim parenting or this research on the mindsets of elite athletes, the results won’t be too surprising:

  • Athletes who were the most stressed out and anxious (with anxiety measured in terms of worry, physical symptoms—tense muscles, and concentration disruption) had parents who really wanted their kid to beat the competition, or “to not lose to others.”
  • The age groupers experienced concentration disruption the most when their parents were more interested in seeing the athlete out-perform the competition compared to achieving a personal best.

Winning might be everything—as the quote goes, but the expectation of it doesn’t help athletes get any closer to achieving it. Focusing exclusively on winning creates an environment where the young swimmer is physically less likely to make it happen.

“You might think that’s a really positive thing for the child, but that’s creating a lot of worry [for the kid] as well. I don’t think parents are necessarily thinking about that kind of thing,” says Miranda Kaye, study co-author and professor in the Department of Exercise and Sport Sciences at Ithaca College.


Swim parenting is no joke—you don’t need me to tell you that. Between fundraising, the costs of a full season of training, driving to early morning workouts, marathon swim meets, dealing with injuries (ahem– swimmer’s shoulder), it can be tempting to begin to feel like the seemingly never-ending sacrifice should be considered an investment.

As a result you might feel yourself putting more emphasis on winning in order to see a return.

But if you want the best for your child, the research continues to show that a relaxed, hands-off, let-the-kid-own-the-sport is best for creating an environment where they will not only have more fun, but also excel both in the short and long term.

Meet Angela Ngo!!!

Group: Red

Age: 7 Grade: 2

Favorite Stroke/Event: Freestyle

Role Model: My Mom

Favorite Swimmer: My sister, Sophie

Why Swimming is the BEST sport: Because you can exercise your legs and body

Favorite activities out of the water: Exploring the trail, playing dress up, going to the beach

Famous person you’d like to meet: Ariana Grande, Michael Jackson (but he's dead)

Favorite Book: The Journey of Edward Tulane

Favorite Movie: The Greatest Showman

When I grow up I want to be: An awesome teacher. A singer.

Have a question about your group?! Please contact your Parent Liaison!

RED, BLUE & SILVER - Annie Miga, annie.miga@gmail.com, (952) 237-6927

PURPLE & SR2 - Erin Quinn, swimquinn42@gmail.com, (425) 215-8326

BRONZE - Larissa Brandenberg, Lmrbrandenburg@gmail.com, (360) 969-2744

GOLD/SENIOR 1 - Donnie Coate, donaldcoate@aol.com, (425) 533-8746

South Snohomish County Dolphins (SSCD) is a USA Swimming year round competitive swim team offering high quality professional coaching and technique instruction for all ages and abilities. The goal of our team is to provide every member an opportunity to improve swimming skills and achieve success at his or her level of ability, from novice to international competitor.

SSCD is a non profit club run by an elected Board of Directors which meet monthly. All members are welcome at each meeting (when not a designated Executive Board meeting) and encouraged to be involved in team activities and fundraisers.

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