BotMan By:Lukas Largent

BotMan is the best because of the weapons, it is fast, and it has good defense. Our bot is so powerful you will just have to see it yourself. My partner is Andrew. The purpose of building a bot is to see how people will make theirs. Our bot’s name is BotMan. The reason we are making bots is to see how well we’ll make the better one.

BotMan is the best bot because it has good weapons. Our bot is strong because of the weapons. Out bot’s weapon is a plasma caster. It shoots lasers out of the plasma caster. We also have a flipper that makes the opponents get stuck on it. BotMan is the greatest because it has really good weapons.

BotMan is the best because it is fast. When my partner and I push it, it goes fast. Our bot is really fast because it is so light. When we pushed it down a hill, I barely beat it when I was running. BotMan is fast because it only has two weapons. BotMan is fast, which makes it the best.

BotMan is great at defending itself. BotMan is really hard to beat. In a battle BotMan can protect itself from other opponents with its wheels and the flipper. In our battle we fought hard and won a lot of the battles. Our bot was really good at keeping it’s armor safe.

BotMan is the greatest because of the weapons, it is fast, and it has great defense. BotMan is the greatest bot because it has great weapons. BotMan is so great, it’s faster than all of the other bots. In battle, my bot, Botman, can defend its opponent with no help of any other bot. That's why you should vote for us! Which one of you would want to go against BotMan in battle?

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