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The University Library has the resources and information you need to complete your writing assignments, class presentations, projects, and research.

Our services include:

The Park Library building has four floors of dynamic study spaces which include:

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Contact: (989) 774-3352 | clarke@cmich.edu

The Clarke Historical Library is a special collections library that fosters scholarly activity through its collections, exhibits, and publications, and strengthens community partnerships through active outreach programs.

We Make History Meaningful. How do we do that? We welcome everyone to use our materials and dig into the past!

If you want to see a glass photograph from the 1800s, the first book printed in Michigan, a CMU yearbook with the 1974 National Championship team, or the copy of Alice in Wonderland owned by Queen Victoria’s daughter (yes, the Queen of England, Queen Victoria!), we are the place for you.

We’re your source to find out more about CMU’s history, Michigan’s history, the history of Great Lakes Tribal communities, and books for young people.


212 Park Library

Contact: kucer1a@cmich.edu

Unique Aspects of the Space:

  • Sound recording space and equipment
  • Video/audio editing station
  • Consultation services for equipment and software
  • Mediated space for groups and individuals
  • Access to Adobe Creative Cloud on all computers in the library

Adobe Support:

  • The Adobe Digital Lounge is open when the library is open and will have staff available for assistance during scheduled times. Check our website for details.


319 Park Library

Contact: (989) 774-1092 or (989) 774-4461

The Certified Testing Center provides:

Exam proctoring for:

  • CMU Online courses
  • Make-up exams for all CMU courses
  • Student Disability Services

Certification testing for CMU students and community members:

  • GRE
  • GMAT
  • Teacher certifications (MTTC)
  • Counseling
  • EMT/Paramedic
  • Personal trainers
  • CompTIA
  • and more!

Administering CLEP tests and CMU Math Competency tests.



101 Park Library

Contact: (989) 774-3662 | helpdesk.cmich.edu

The OIT Help Desk provides:

  • Technical support to all CMU students, faculty, staff, and guests
  • Global ID account assistance
  • Software and hardware troubleshooting
  • Assistance with personal computers, mobile devices, getting connected to the campus network, and CMU systems like Blackboard and email
  • Self-help resources, points of contact, and more!

Mathematics Assistance Center

370 Park Library and 002 Troutman Hall

Contact: (989) 774-2290 | reggie.becker@cmich.edu

Get math assistance with CMU's Mathematics Assistance Center (MAC). Tutors can help with everything from basic algebra to intermediate-level statistics. With help from tutors, you will learn how to clarify new information, demonstrate problem-solving skills and work through example problems.


120 Park Library

Contact: (989) 774-3018 | SDS@cmich.edu

Student Disability Services provides accommodations for CMU students with permanent or temporary disabilities who choose to register with our office.

CMU offers students with disabilities a variety of accommodations, such as:

  • Adaptive technology
  • Adjustable classroom tables
  • Alternative, quiet testing site
  • American Sign Language interpreters
  • Captioning
  • Digital course materials
  • Extended time for tests
  • Housing accommodations
  • Screen-reading technology



Contact: (989) 774-2116 | rober1ba@cmich.edu

CMU's Technology Awareness and Training Team:

  • Increase awareness of technologies (software, hardware, systems, +) that are available for use across the CMU community.
  • Offers training resources and opportunities for all users.
  • Helps to identify and implement best suited technologies.
  • Champions creativity and best practices.
  • Provides a connection to ongoing support.
  • Welcomes information contributions and proposals from parties that are interested in collaborating on efforts.


360 Park Library and 154 Aspach

Contact: Park Library - (989) 774-2986 | Aspach - (989) 774-1228

The Central Michigan Writing Center is dedicated to supporting, researching, and advocating for writers and the work of writing on campus and beyond. Writing Center consultants and faculty strive to offer a safe and inclusive environment for people to consider how they might engage more ably and more ethically as writers in the world.

We work with writers on sentence-level and correctness issues to assist them in more fluidly making the transition into their communities of choice; at the same time, we value linguistic diversity and the identities embodied and enacted in that diversity and work with writers to make informed choices about the sorts of “code-switching” necessary to successfully navigate the communities they choose.

Other Support Services On Campus

Office of Student Success

260 Ronan Hall

Contact: (989) 774-3401 | oss@cmich.edu

The Office of Student Success houses many different services and departments to assist you throughout your time on campus:

Academic Advising: Your advisor will help you with traditional academic advising services such as degree planning, selecting classes, etc., and will also provide academic coaching services such as helping with the college transition, time management, and goal setting.

Academic Assistance: You can get help with your academics through Academic Assistance by using Supplemental Instruction (SI) services and/or Tutoring Services.

Pathways to Academic Student Success: If you are Pell-eligible and/or first-generation, please check out Pathways to find a community of support, mentoring opportunities, and help with advising and study tables!

McNair Scholars Program: If you are first-generation or part of an underrepresented population, AND interested in pursuing a doctoral degree, check out McNair Scholars Program. You would receive access to resources such as researching with a faculty member and financial assistance during your graduation school exploration and application process.

Counseling Center

102 Foust Hall

Contact: (989) 774-3381 | counsel@cmich.edu

Counseling Center staff are committed to creating an environment where all individuals will be appreciated and treated with respect. We strive to create an open and safe environment where individuals can freely explore and express all identities, beliefs and values in order to achieve their own personal and academic success at CMU.