Wyatt Ingalsbe Genius Hour How to improve your batting average

Blog Post 1

Hey guys I am learning and hopefully teaching myself and others how to improve your batting average in baseball. The first step we are gonna take is we are gonna look up a video on good tips and methods to improve our batting skill. Next we are gonna practice these methods and improve our hitting in those certain aspects. We are then gonna research more tips in other parts of hitting like keeping your on the ball and the best way to do that. Maybe if you find someone else trying to improve their batting average you can work with them. Then y'all can practice these methods together and it might be easier to do. When you have the basics down then you can move on and try and find MLB pros that have tips to help your batting. When you have practiced and used all of these tips for about 2 weeks check and see if you see any improvements. If you have seen an improvement but want more you can keep working and using these tips to improve you average.

Blog post 2

I have already great batting techniques, such as the best form and s solid level swing. I have learned that I am pretty average at bunting. And i can make pretty good contact with the ball if i am completely focused. I used youtube to research good tips and hitting stations that will greatly increase my batting average greatly. From here i can look up even more tips on how to improve how much contact i can make with the ball and how I can aim for the gaps. I can even work on my bunting to get better at that to better at advancing base runners. I can also research professional tips that can majorly help my eye contact with the ball and my hitting overall. I might even go watch either college or MLB baseball and see the way they stand and the way they swing. All of these are gonna improve my hitting greatly if I follow the steps given to me to improve my hitting.

Blog post 3

I have learned that I really enjoy going out and hitting and getting better. I play on the high school team and we do tons of hitting drills and they also better me when I hit. Hitting in the cage is a really good stress reliever as well. I have learned that I can hit really good if I put my mind to it. I used a pro player’s website that gave good hitting tips and tricks. I am gonna do more hands on hitting and do more of the drills that I have learned over the past couple of weeks. I am going to search even more into it and try to find even better techniques I can use to hit better. I will be talking to my coach to see what drills i can use to better my average.


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