FAKE NEWS! Or is it?

What is real?


It's difficult, but you shouldn't share without checking reliability. How about this next video?

Viral doesn't mean it's real. In fact, it means you should validate the truth of the source! Check out this article about the above video . Jimmy Kimmel purposedly made a fake viral video about a girl who caught fire twerking. Look how many other news sources shared it? So what can you do about this?

Things to ask yourself:

  • Who made this?
  • How was this made?
  • Why was this made?
  • When was this made?
  • What is this missing?
  • Where do I go from here?

Did the Simpson's predict the Trump Election?

Did the Simpsons Predict the Trump Election?

Be skeptical and check other sources!

More Serious Effects of Fake News
Wrong Man

This summer the news reported the wrong man as a suspect in the Dallas Police Shooting. Let's verify with a second source since that first one looks shady. Know what? Let's look at a third source and the after effects of this false accusation.

Reliable news should be actionable and allow you to make a decision or take action!

Created By
Colleen Graves


Based on NYT lesson for Media Literacy

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