Ayrit's Weekly WACO Update No.1 2/13/2017

Welcome to Ayrit's Weekly WACO Update. I've been thinking of a way to reach staff members, without overwhelming your inboxes with tons of emails. My goal is that I can put all the little stuff I'd like to share throughout the week into this one spot. That way, you can use what you're interested in, and leave the rest. As always, I'm open to feedback. Please, let me know if you have suggestions.


You've all heard and seen some of the information about the Tech Talk (now called the Southeast Iowa Innovation Showcase) that will be coming up on Friday, February 17th. If you would like more information regarding the event, you can check out the website which is linked via the button below. (The site was created with the tool, Strikingly, if you're interested)

Tools To Try

I'm always experimenting with different tech tools, here are a couple of my latest favorites.

  • You're looking at it! This newsletter is an example of a "page" created with Adobe Spark
  • You can also create images with text (think memes), and short video slideshows
  • Check out some work Linda's students did with the videos here and here.
  • SeeSaw is a hybrid between a social media for the classroom / eportfolio tool
  • Very easy for students to share quick thoughts via images, drawings, text, or video
  • Has built in "class blog feature" that will allow you to connect with parents.You can see my PLTW example blog here.

What I'm learning

As some of you know, I am currently working towards getting my Master's in Educational Technology. Because of this, I am being exposed to lots of thought provoking materials related to innovation and education, and would like to share a few of my favorite pieces each week.

An article written by Marc Prenksy that was published back in 2001. Presnky compares learners that have grown up with the internet (digital natives) to people that did not (digital immigrants). Prensky argues that the brains of digital natives function differently, and thus implies that how they are educated should be different from more traditional methods used previously.

A brief article from Edutopia about devices in the classroom, and how regardless of the device, the teacher is still the most important factor. The article also includes some suggestions for personal professional development that can be pursued if you are interested.

A TED Talk performed by Don Tapscott in 2012. The talk offers insight on how the internet is changing the world, and what institutions can do to stay relevant in this time of great change. Tapscott doesn't speak about education specifically, but there are many implications for what all this change means for the education system as a whole.


That's it for Ayrit's Weekly WACO Update No.1. I hope you found it useful and interesting. If you'd like to discuss any of the ideas, articles, or tools featured in the letter further, my door and inbox are always open. Cheers.

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