GLE final exam by Kyle schilling


We will select and organize relevant evidence and information when exploring who we are

as learners, our strengths, stretches and strategies for success.

2. We will communicate ideas, opinions and conclusions effectively to develop and support our understanding of who we are.

3. We will come up with questions and ask them to explore who we are as a learners and to better understand the people around us.


my passion is cooking since i was a little kid all i have ever wanted to be is a chef. this is my passion because it allows me to let out my creativity thru a different kind of art .


in every day life trere are many tjhing we can do to impove and purrdue our passion

at home i cook dinner 2 times a week this helps to improve my passion by practicing and this helps me pursue my passion by practicing and learning with experience about the kitchen with detail from my dad and mom.

some characteristics of a good chef are: successful a good business plan good food nutrition experience relationships grit and perseverance and a good taste. the school i want to go to is gear gin bay college the lead instituter chef tony will teach you all of those things so you can be good at what i do and maybe someday open u a new restaurant and then turn it in to the chain of restaurants but right now ill stick to washing dish and working at tim hortons and dominoes pizza.


Failing Forward: A failure that you learn from. Causes a permanent change in behavior or knowledge. You improve.

2. Grit: When you use perseverance and passion to pursue long-term goal.

3. Growth Mindset: The idea that we can develop our talents and intelligence through hard work.

4. Learning: An experience that causes a permanent change in behaviour or knowledge

5. Passion: An all-consuming conviction; for example, I am passionate about helping people,

so I spend most of my time helping others.

6. Perseverance: You keep trying your best even when things get really hard.

7. Strength: A skill that helps me learn. One of my strengths is writing.

8. Stretch: A skill I have a hard time doing well. It can make learning hard for me. I use strategies to overcome it; for example, one of my stretches is reading. I use text-to-speech to make sure it doesn’t negatively impact my learning.

these key terms help me because now i have a dictionary of ussfull words


after working on the smart goals worksheet it helped me to find how to create a very good smart goal in my oppion.

my smart goal is: to complete all requird course and courses that would help me be better at what i do so that by 2020 i can atend georgin bay coulanery instatute. this would be my dream because my biggest passion is cooking oveall but espechely in my own resturant by 2030.


when purrsing a passion you should allways have resourses. some of my resourses are the fowlling my mom and my dad these two people are my biggest assests and resources because they are both great home cesouses ooks and the will always be able to support me and the tought me how to cook. another resurces is the school the school has very good hospitality programs witch prepare young cooks to somday own a bussensis or work in a restutant. those ar just some big resourcecs some smaller one s include the lfowloing my ads buisinis for a equtiment for my resturant.


to get were i want to be in life my plan to get there is the fowling

finnish high school

work on passion at home

go to collge

get degree

go to bussinis school

get degere

get a proper chef job

then open up resturants in 2037


do thhe work you wont regert it this is hepluful because it will get me unstessedand.


my strategies are in 23 and me


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