Love Organic Citrus Vision, Bravery, Tenacity

German Nenninger of Agropecuaria San Alberto, with his wife Lorenza

What does it take to be an organic pioneer in the Sonoran Desert? Vision, bravery and tenacity. Plus a whole lotta grit and we aren't talking sand.

Pioneers in Mexican Organic Produce

Today we want to share some love for German & Lorenza Nenninger and Kevin & Dave Mittendorf, four organic farmers who have defied the odds to become among the first organic citrus growers in Mexico and Arizona's Sonoran Desert region. German and his wife Lorenza, along with their quality control expert, Johnny Evans, a pioneer in his own right, have grown premium organic Valencia’s, Grapefruit, and Lemons near Mexico's Sea of Cortez for almost 20 years. Their U.S. neighbors, Kevin Mittendorf and his father Dave, transitioned their family farm of 400 acres of Navels, Valencias, Lemons, and Pink Ruby Grapefruit to organic production over 10 years ago.

Sherry Luna, Alberto Romero, German Nenninger, Philip Ostrom, Delilah Romo & Dora Castro in Mexico

Patagonia Orchards has been with these growers every step of they way on their organic journey. A vision of a sustainable future is what motivates us and these pioneering farmers to bring you the sweetest, most flavorful organic citrus.

Armistead Family Farms

The Mittendorf/Armistead families have been farming Arizona citrus in the East Valley for four generations. Donna Armistead’s grandfather, Thomas Armistead, planted one of Mesa’s original commercial citrus groves, a crop that would become a pillar or Arizona's economy.

Kevin Mittendorf & Philip Ostrom

For over 100 years, members of the Armistead family and their descendants have carefully tended to nearly 400 acres of Navels, Valencias, Lemons, and Pink Ruby Grapefruit in the eastern Phoenix valley. They have been growing certified organic citrus for over 10 years. Today, Donna and David Mittendorf, along with their sons Kevin, Ryan and Chris, carry on a rich, ancient tradition of farming in one of the oldest food producing regions in the United States.

Armistead Family Farms

Patagonia Orchards is proud and happy to support a rich and enduring farming heritage by packing and shipping this incredible citrus from the Sonoran Desert. We also use this wonderful fruit in our line of delicious, healthful fresh juices to bring you Sunshine in a Bottle.

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Organic Goodness for the Mind, Body & Soul.

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