Journey Log 6 dukes-willyd-ranger-curiosity

After a week full of research and attempting to brainstorm for the paper, I realized that I am lost. I hope that as I start putting words down, the ideas will just flow out of me. If this is not the case though, I have come to the understanding that I need to use a curiosity for the subject of the Red Scare to guide me. Curiosity is defined as the "desire to learn or know about anything" ("Curiosity",, and in trying to learn more about the Red Scare, hopefully an argument or perspective will pop-out at me.

Using the dictionary to make sure you and other understand what is really being talked about can be very helpful and make a work more understandable.

Another problem that I have with the writing process for my research paper was that I originally wanted the subject to be on Ivan Drago with back-up help from the history of the Cold War and Red Scare while now I see that I am going to have to reverse that. There were not enough good sources on Ivan Drago. One source that I would have to use included lines such as "Not only did Drago keep Balboa alive, he threw that fight. I’m certain of it" (Monte). That is plainly stating an opinion, which is an interesting article to read, but is not a good source for me to use to back up my argument.

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