Drive & Fly LESS Reducing our Carbon Footprint, one footstep at a time

New Zealands transport sector contributes 19% of our total greenhouse gas emissions.
How do you feel about getting back in the car, after the Lockdown period?

With the modifications you had to make for Lockdown, is it possible, going forward, that you could, work from home for one or two or more days a week?

It has its challenges, but how can you make it work?

How can your whole family become a part of the work/life balance?

We were all more active, in Lockdown
Going forward, can we make changes to how we do LIFE?

We need to do things differently, and we have the perfect opportunity to hit reset on our expectations of what is normal!

Carpool to work with friends!
Use public transport.
Choose to work remotely, use video conferencing instead of travelling to a meeting
Can you reduce the number of flights you take - work? holidays?

Reducing flights is shown to be one of the most effective climate change actions you can take.

When you do fly, pay to offset your emissions.

Carbon offsets are voluntary schemes where people can pay to 'offset' or make up for the emissions that their flights produce.

Pre covid - Flights accounted for around 2.5% of global carbon dioxide production.
Cycle to work!

Plan to walk and/or cycle one or more days a week. We live in a beautiful part of the world, you will enjoy it!

Walking or Cycling is FREE and has the least impact on the environment, AND its great for your health.

Weren't the roads peaceful and quiet over Lockdown?

Lets make a real effort to keep it that way!

To inspire you, that we can enjoy learning and culture from a distance. Here is a link to virtual tours of the Louvre in fabulous Paris! and How about Windsor Castle?

A little assistance whilst working from home, after you have been for a great big walk around your neighbourhood with your children, you could try this link/free app for Bingo!

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Created with images by Thom Holmes - "untitled image" • Markus Spiske - "untitled image" • Jörn Sieveneck - "Vintage Volkswagon car show" • Crawford Jolly - "Walking along East Side Gallery, Berlin I spotted this polka dot Trabant (Trabi) with its lights on." • DIMITRIS GEREBAKANIS - "Old airport of Athens, Greece. Some abandoned airplanes are resting at the north west part and every time i drive by i cannot resist not to take some pictures. So while i was shooting these beauties, this guy walks through ! Funny fact : i saw him after taking the photo…" • Marcus Zymmer - "business travel"