Mermaids By: Holly Bartek

Have you ever wondered if mermaids are real or not real? In my theory one, there is proof that they are. Even animal planet say that mermaids are real. In my second theory there is also proof that they aren’t. That they're all just lies. In my opinion, mermaids are real. Many people wonder what’s in the mysterious deep blue.
Mermaids are in the mysterious deep blue waters. Now a lot of people don’t believe in mermaids and I know they have their reasons. I’m here to tell you why they are real. There were these two guys from Kiryat Yam and there was this mermaid just sitting on a rock. She got scared because the two guys started to scream. She was just gone like that. Now I know that everyone knows Christopher Columbus. Well did you know that he was one of the first to see a mermaid. He said that the mermaid was not as pretty as he expected. He found that mermaid near Haiti in 1493. In Hawaii, people claim to have found a mermaid. She has sharp teeth and all smooth body. Now I know you're thinking, what is she talking about? Well they ran tests and it proved that it was a mermaid. Creatures half-human and half-fish in that form have existed for thousands of years. Mermaids have been claimed to have bad luck and misfortune. They lure sailors to the dangerous rocky areas with their beautiful singing. John Smith is another popular person who has seen a mermaid. He said that he was sailing, and he heard a song that made him come closer to the rocks. Then he stopped and saw a women that had half of her body was human and the rest was fish. Mermaids are really hard to find. They hide in the deep blue, so they only come out when they really need to. You hardly see them, and that is why people think that they aren’t real. They hide down in the blue where you can’t find them. You have to know that there are other animals that have not been discovered, but we still think they're real. If the other sea creatures are real, then why don’t you believe in mermaids. There’s not that much of a difference besides that we haven’t seen the other sea creatures. I mean, like, what about the huge sharks that no one has ever seen, but we still think that the shark’s real. I’m just saying, if you believe in the shark that's been alive since the dinosaurs, then why can’t you all believe in mermaids. Don’t you remember when the giant squid’s were not believed in. Well now look, there are people who follow them, fish for them, and more. I just can’t get my head around that some people out there don’t believe in mermaids just because there parents just say they aren’t real. If the legends surrounding this hideous little goblin found in Japan’s Tenshou-Kyousha Shrine are to be believed, it may be the oldest mermaid on this list. As the story goes, this creature is 1,400-years-old and once appeared to a local prince claiming to have once been a regular fisherman. Who was cursed after fishing in protected waters. The mermaid is said to have asked the prince to build the shrine as a reminder of his mistake. Displaying the cursed corpse for all to see. That is all I can say for theory one.
Are mermaids really in the deep blue? Well, I don’t think so.Theory two was that mermaids aren't real, or that they are just people in costumes. I’m here to tell you why they are not real. Let's start with the obvious one. People are always dressing up as mermaids. They have made movies where there are girls and guys for mermaids. There is also the fact that we don’t see mermaids. Now there is some that say that back in the olden days, that what the people saw were not mermaids they were manatee’s. I know, hard to believe right? Back then they didn’t really know what a manatee was. Now some people have connected Animal planet to see if their videos were real or not. They said that they aren't real. They person who asked the question told Animal Planet to tell the truth, but they never did. From the same guy who asked the question to Animal Planet. Made an article that said the Animal Planet stuff and more. I’m going to tell you a little more about what he said. Now we know there are some people who can make themselves like a mermaid. They alway leave out one or two things. The first thing is there hair. If you think about it your hair would be falling out or it would be discolored. The second one is your skin. If you were in salt water or just water all day you skin would be burned or falling off. There has been no proof that mermaids exist. There has been some saying that they were real. Now there has never been any labs run or anything that we know of.
I believe that mermaids live in the deep blue. I know right, I made you think that what I said in my second theory was true. You know I think there might be some proof that they aren't. I haven’t come across any that are good facts. I still believe in Animal Planet. If Animal Planet was making fake stuff they wouldn't have lost a guy to a real Jellyfish. I know that Animal Planet tells the truth. They found some videos that might not have been real mermaids, but they might not have known. I believe that mermaids are real. When you search up “why are mermaids not real?” or something like that, nothing much comes up about it. Have you ever thought that people don’t believe because they have never seen one themselves. Well, I’ve never seen one in person either, but I would like to. Now, I can’t really tell you that their somewhere out there. Like I said in my first theory that we had no idea that “The giant squid” was way down where we can not go. We had theory's that it was real or not. Now when I was little, I used to watch all the little kid movies with mermaids in them. I did that because I just liked mermaids. I also used to think that if you believed hard enough that you could become a mermaid. I was pretty little. Now, the point of that was that I’ve alway had a interest in mermaids from a young age. I’ve been told by a lot of people that they are just something made up. Now, I bet you know that you can’t know that’s true till someone or you prove it. Now, there’s a lot of proof that mermaids are real. Like here is one reason. The first story about mermaids, though, appeared thousands of years ago in ancient Assyria. In the folklore of that culture, goddess Atargatis changed herself into a mermaid when she accidentally killed a human. This may be why many older mermaid legends associated the creatures with misfortune, including storms and shipwrecks. Now, by now I know that half of you believe me and half of you don’t. Now I’m just going to ask you a few more things. Now do you at least think mermaids were here on earth for at least a while? If you don’t believe in mermaids, I hope you think about what I said. Change your mind and believe me. Not some fake video that will try to make you believe, but won’t show you any real proof like I did here. Now, before I stop I just have one more thing to say. Please listen to what I have to say. To some people what I said was dumb, and to the rest it means something. Just think about what I said.
Many people are curious about what is in the mysterious deep blue. Mermaids are important because we want to more about what really lives in our waters. If we ever do find out if they are real or not, we will be a more popular continent. I think we need to know because it will give us some confidence in knowing that we finally figured out the mystery. If mermaids do exist, I think we will be a lot more careful in the waters. We will also find out what they like and do not like. If they don’t, then we will put the word out, and tell the people of the world why they aren't real. I think it will mess up what all goes on in the sea, like not a lot of diving, or tubing, etc. After all that I told you, do you believe me?


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