Voyageurs, Minnesota Presented by: Chloe Wright

My national park is Voyageurs. It is very close by International Falls in the state of Minnesota.

History -

Voyageurs was officially was established on April 8 in 1975. Area that makes up Voyageurs National Park it was a park in April 1891 from the Minnesota legislature. Not until eighty years later the federal legislation authorizing the creation of Voyageurs was signed into the law of President Richard Nixon on the date of January 8, 1971.

Things to do-

The things to do in Voyageurs you can get into programs like guided boat tours, canoes trips, and hiking.

What you might see-

The Vermilion Gorge trailhead is located in the community of Crane Lake. Its the trail above.

Interesting Facts-

Voyageurs mean travelers in French. Minnesota's only national park. There are 240 different species of songbirds in the park. The common trees are spruce, fir, paper birch, aspen, oak, maple, pine and basswood.

Thanks for watching!!!!

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