Stockwell Primary School Playground regeneration with Art4Space and NBC Universal

With the help of NBC Universal, Art4Space will be transforming another playground at Stockwell Primary School, with an interactive mural that stretches 100m around the entire playground.

We're really sad not to see you all at the Cares Day, that was booked for 24th April. We had planned a really fun day of painting, ceramics and mosaics and with the help of 50 of you we would be well on the way to completing the artwork! But all is not lost as we are busy working from home. We wanted to show you all how the project is progressing.

The Project:

The Headmaster chose the theme of 'Wellbeing', in particular healthy eating, exercise and mindfulness.

We involve the school and students at every step of the process, which includes drawing, ceramic and mosaic workshops.

We held workshops throughout March, including the drawing workshops with the students, visualising their ideas around the well-being themes.

Studies show that the link between play and well-being is crucial for children’s emotional, social, cognitive and physical development. The school playground serves as one of the most important developmental spaces for young minds and bodies.

Thank you for helping us make such a crucial difference.


With that in mind and based on their ideas and drawings we came up with an interactive mural design that will encourage exercise, healthy eating and mindfulness. The mural will act as a long, continuous game that will have game rules and points to interact with.

We have multiple exercise points in the mural. For example: the ceramic stars will be incorporated within the paintwork with the game rule: "DO 10 STAR JUMPS!!"

Here are the students telling us about their feelings about the project and their stars:

So, how is the project progressing now that we are in lockdown?

Art4Space are still working hard from home to get this piece completed and on the school wall as soon as we are permitted.

We've set up a ceramic studio at home where the pieces being glazed. They will be fired at our studio and ready to go as soon as we can.

Our team are set-up to mosaic from home, working with the indirect method onto fibre-glass mesh, which will then be applied directly to the wall.

We're trying hard to stay in contact with each other and the Art4Space community in such challenging times, so we're using our artwork to encourage well-being activities at home - like 'front-room frog-leaps'!! (You're all invited to try this too!)

Some more examples of mosaics that we've been finishing off from home with the Well-being theme

This project is making such an extraordinary difference to hundreds of children and we can't thank NBC Universal enough for sponsoring it. With your support we are able to transform places and lives. Thank you!

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