Stairway 2018 A Year in Pictures

Dear Friends,

Elfie is at it again with his crazy antics and magical powers bringing toys to life and making children of all ages smile and laugh. The first 3 nights of One Wish performances brought in more than 300 people who reveled in the spirit of Christmas. It was a delight to watch children and old Mangyan women roaring with laughter at the nonsensical slap stick comedy or gaze wide-eyed at the glittering set design, sparkling costumes and props. One Wish is a truly magical extravaganza! But, the real magic is witnessing the tremendous transformation of the boys during the development and the actual performance of the One Wish production. It is a potent force in heightening the children’s self-worth and belief in their innate ability and potential, which is a significant first step on their journey of recovery, rehabilitation and reintegration.

2018 was a productive year for Stairway. We are happy to share with you this collection of highlights from throughout the year in images and words.

National Safer Internet Day for Children

Back in 2014 Stairway hosted the first International Safer Internet Day for Children in the Philippines. This year we have seen concrete results from lobbying within the Presidential Office, as they have now declared an official National Safer Internet Day for Children to be celebrated nationwide every year in February. A major event to mark the first celebration this coming February 12 will be the launching of our E-learning platform. A very appropriate time and venue, as the event will be participated by several government departments and major Civic Society Organizations.

Family Home Program

Challenges during one of the annual retreats
Art classes are a daily creative outlet for the children
Ready for skim boarding at beach time
Out of school youth earn their high school equivalency
Moving up ceremony
A display of talent after a year in Stairway
A new group of kids will go through Stairway's one year Family Home Program.
Daily swimming at the beach
Personal development session
Creative expressions
A new kid in the program
Playing a game of hoops at Stairway's sports court

Youth for Change

Stairway hosted no less than 10 Youth for Change camps in 2018. Working over the theme of children’s rights, the Stairway campus makes an ideal setting for bringing youth of different nationalities, cultures and backgrounds together. 2 new partners from Shanghai and Kuala Lumpur are lined up for 2019.

Youth for Change student on street exposure
Youth for Change, a mosaic of humanity


The Break the Silence basic training modules on Child Rights, Child sexual abuse Prevention and Cyber Safety have been transformed into six interactive and engaging e-learning tutorials.

3 new animations to accompany Stairway's cyber safety modules
Teachers testing the cyber safety modules

Department of Education and Cyber Safety

Stairway continues to offer technical assistance to the Department of Education in developing their Cyber Safety curriculum, and the collaboration has expanded further to also include IMMAP, a network of corporate companies in IT and Communication. This rare collaboration between government, the private corporate sector and an NGO has resulted in the production of a series of small cyber safety animations for elementary school kids, which was launched at a major event at the DepEd headquarters last November.

Stairway founders together with members of IMMAP, the Secretary of DepEd and her two Undersecretaries

Department of Social Welfare and Development

Through the Department of Social Welfare and Development poverty alleviation program, Stairway’s child protection materials are now reaching nearly 4 million of the poorest households in the country.

The most vulnerable members of society

DANIDA, the British Embassy and Plan International

DANIDA, our long term supporter and partner, granted us a new 4 year contract to expand and consolidate the BTSNN (Break the Silence National Network).

The British Embassy entered as a new partner engaging us to train ZOTO (Zone One Tondo Organization) on child protection, particularly on cyber safety. ZOTO is a federation of 182 urban poor local organizations.

Plan International requested our support to train a large number of their people on Online Sexual Exploitation of Children (OSEC).

Training session with Plan International at SFI

Seeing the increasing demand for our training and services, it was good timing that we managed to purchase a lot in Makati for the purpose of building a Learning and Resource Center with large training facilities in the midst of the city. This major new project is in partnership with Tondo Foundation, who will also occupy a portion of the new center. The time projection for opening the center is towards the end of 2020.

Roedkilde Gymnasium, Skanderborg Gymnasium and Singapore American School

2018 marks 26 years of support from Roedkilde Gymnasium in Vejle, Denmark. This year students set yet another new record with their fund raising efforts in supporting Stairway’s programs. Skanderborg Gymnasium, joined the ranks of student fundraisers from Denmark with an impressive first year support. Further south in the island city-state of Singapore, students from Singapore American School started out the year by organizing an impressive fundraiser gala dinner, which was attended by nearly 100 paying guests and generated a substantial financial contribution to Stairway’s work.

All proceeds go to support Stairway
Fundraiser performance
Street performance to support Stairway
No good deed goes unnoticed. Our good friend, Francesco Caruso, founder and head of Tondo Foundation, added to the Danish students’ motivation this year by doubling their contribution.
In 2018 Rødkilde established a Stairway class
Singapore American School fundraiser gala dinner

A Year of Hope

The documentary film "A Year of Hope" by Mikala Krogh was launched at the Copenhagen International Documentary Film Festival in March 2018.

The film follows a couple of children in Stairway's Family Home Program.

Environmental Awareness for Children and Youth (EACY)

Marshall Foundation continued its substantial support of our EACY Program, and Grundfos added a generous contribution through an ingenious CSR initiative.

Students on the Sea Adventure School
The Sea Adventure School (SAS) ran 88 trips with a total of 2200 students learning about marine habitats and conservation.
Walking through the mangroves
Christian Holme-Pedersen, Director of Grundfos IS Support & Operations Manila, signing the symbolic check to support Stairway's environmental program
Students watching A Plastic Ocean
A total of 5740 people watched A Plastic Ocean
EACY Club members reusing plastic
EACY Club members attend local meeting
Youth involvement in reducing plastic pollution
James Marshall (Marshall Foundation) and two of his children visited Stairway and joined a Sea Adventure School trip

The Lorax

Stairway’s rendition of Dr. Seuss’ classic environmental story called The Lorax reached nearly 2500 students in 2018 and had a special performance at the Malasimbo Music and Arts Festival last March.

Humming fish are humming and splashing around
The Lorax at Malasimbo festival 2018
Swomee swans sing at Malasimbo
The Lorax reached nearly 2500 students.
The Lorax cast 2018

Sustainable Development!

Solenergy Systems Inc. continued their work in transforming our main source of electricity from diesel generated power to our own solar generated power. 77 panels and 96 batteries will cover between 70-80% of Stairway’s total energy consumption from here on.

Unpacking batteries for the solar power
Installing batteries

World Oceans Day

On June 8 we hosted a huge celebration of World Oceans Day with several hundred students and teachers participating. A renowned professor and pioneer female marine biologist, Dr. Calumpang, graced the event with her presence. Dr. Calumpang also spoke at the local National High School to inspire the local youth towards a responsible relationship between human and nature.

Virtual reality coral exploration
Plastic cleanup during World Oceans Day
Plastic marine sculpture competition entry
Plastic marine sculpture competition entry
Dr. Calumpang talking about plastic pollution in the oceans
Earth Day 2018

Community Assistance Program

The number of children/families receiving financial and educational assistance increased to 485 this year. The number of children who benefit daily from the feeding program in the Baclayan Mangyan elementary school reached nearly 200.

Parents preparing lunch
Parent Teacher Association meeting
Distribution of school materials to 485 scholars
Grade 2 children in Baclayan Mangyan School

Annual Book Fair

Dr. Rodrigo, a professor and a children's book author, opened Stairway's annual book fair last April 7 to an audience of 150 students and teachers from the community. Dr. Rodrigo presented her colorfully illustrated children book series, The Women in Science, which features stories from the careers of some of the Philippines' most respected female scientists.

Dr. Rodrigo speaking about women scientists
Free books to nurture love of reading
Summer reading fun

Children’s Health and Education Center (CHEC)

Located next door to the Baclayan Elementary School, CHEC offers bi-weekly medical check-ups with Dr. Francis. The health center also offers information and education on health and hygiene to the local community. CHEC will also be powered by solar energy by the first quarter of 2019 with support from Rotary Vejle Nord as well as Solenergy Systems Inc.

Dr. Francis during bi-weekly medical consultation
Hanging out at CHEC
English tutorials at CHEC
Medical consultations are open for the entire community

Baclayan Organic Farm

Fresh lettuce in green house at Baclayan farm
Baclayan farm grew its production output by more than 200% in 2018.
Students learning about organic farming
Local greens ready to harvest
The four green houses
Making organic fertilizer
Vermicast production

EACY Dive School

Become a PADI certified diver at EACY Dive School
Discover scuba diving
Stairway kids experiencing scuba diving

As we draw close to an end of 2018, we would like to thank all of you for friendship and support! We are looking forward to continue our partnership into 2019 and beyond.

With love and respect,

Stairway Family

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