jack jouett nicholas s

Have you ever ridden a horse before?Have you ever saved somebody's life.That's exactly what jack jouett did.He was a hero.

He was born dec 7,1754. His family was from albemarle county, virginia. His father was john jouett sr. not much is know about jack's child life. He and his family was active in the revoulartney case. Jack jouett was was a towering six foot four. He weighed 220 pounds.

Not much is known about jack jouett. He saved thomas jefferson from the british. He didn't really do anything else famous. He does not a statue. We honor him every june 3rd for his famous ride. They made june 4th jack jouett day but then they changed it.

He died in bath county kentucky.

Hopefully this made you want to ride a horse and try to help people if they're in trouble

  1. Try to be helpful and ride a horse like jack jouett and try to help people if they're in trouble.


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