Harn Museum Samantha Freedman

Medium of the Art

"Water Spirit Headdress (Pipligbo)" by Kalabari- Ijo people

A piece that I found to have an interesting medium was “Water Spirit Headdress (Pipligbo)” by Kalabari- Ijo people. When looking at this piece at first, as well as in the photograph, it appears that the piece is made of ceramic. The coloring of the piece as well as the texture appear to be made out of clay. After seeing it in person and taking a closer look, as well as reading the description, the piece is actually made of encrusted wood. What is so striking to me is the detail that the artist was able to create using just wood. Wood is such a rigid material, that I am very impressed with the detail and shape of each of the aspects of this piece.

Design of the Museum

Untitled Piece by David Greenbaum

An exhibit of a piece that I really enjoyed was the display of an Untitled Piece by David Greenbaum. This piece was on display outside in a garden. The only way to view this piece was to look out the window and see it under the sunlight amongst multiple plants. I find this exhibit appealing because I love how this piece of art is able to be on display in a natural habitat. The piece does not appear to be out of place.

Art and Core Values

“Dream Police” by Jackie Nickerson

One of my core values is happiness and enjoying the little things in life. A piece that represented this core value was “Dream Police” by Jackie Nickerson. This is a photograph of a young girl from Zimbabwe. The artist describes that although the girl in this photo, and others from her community, are in great poverty, they still find it within them to have dignity, pride, and perseverance. This really speaks to me because I think that it is extremely important to enjoy the little things in life. No matter what life throws at you, if you learn to appreciate what you have, then life will be better. I believe that this is what the artist was trying to capture with her photographs.

Art and The Good Life

“Seated Buddha” by Gandhara

A piece at the Harn that conveys the Good Life theme is “Seated Buddha” by Gandhara. It is a ceramic sculpture of the Buddha. This conveys the Good Life theme because Buddha played a large role in Siddhartha. Buddha was a main point in Siddhartha’s journey to find enlightenment. I believe this conveys the Good Life theme of attaining the Good Life that one seeks out. Although I do not strive to attain the Good Life the way that Siddhartha and Buddha do, I do want to one day attain the goal of the Good Life that I set for myself.

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