Strengthening Family Relationships Column By Eliza Noell

Throughout our lives, we are constantly stressed the importance of family. To quote from “Relationships Australia”, children learn the skills of building positive relationships when surrounded in a healthy relationship, and they are likely to use those skills in strengthening other relationships. Positive family environments can help boost self-esteem, as well as help cope with the stressors and negative influences in life. As we are all, generally, locked together with our families in this time of quarantine, now would be a useful time to learn how we can strengthen our family bonds.

The main way for families to truly engage is to be present. Putting down phones and other electronics will really help in redirecting attention to those around you. Think about each individuals’ interests and take into account what your family as a whole, would like to do together. The company “Raising Children” states that giving full attention to when someone opens up about difficult issues can be a great way to establish trust and healthy communication within the family. Don’t be afraid to touch on sensitive or spontaneous topic matters. As a family, becoming at ease with discussions that were previously hard to talk about is a great milestone to establishing a healthier relationship.

Activities can also be important. Playing games, or even just doing chores together, will help institute teamwork, which can bring the family together even more. Setting aside time for the family to have a good time with each other is very beneficial for creating a closer bond. As for verbal communication, taking interest in everyone’s hobbies and lives, as well as holding inclusive and open conversations, is also incredibly great for building stronger relationships. According to the Search Institute, pushing for growth in guiding each other while helping others aim for their potential will not only help your family in the long run, but also yourself.

In conclusion, having a healthy and open relationship with your family has countless benefits concerning overall improved mental health and reduced stress. It might not be easy to begin establishing a positive family relationship, but hopefully, with everyone willing to learn to grow as people and as a family, that you all will reach a wonderful level of care and understanding.


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