Being 15 in Denmark By Bella Bryan Period 1

“The kingdom of Denmark, which is situated in Scandinavia and northern Europe, is surrounded by the North Sea, Skagerrak, Kattegat, and the Baltic Sea.(

“Denmark is a constitutional monarchy and the oldest kingdom in Europe. The recent history of the nation features an outward-looking people focused on trade, welfare, equality, and democracy, which in Danish means "people's government" (folkestyre).” (

There is no drinking age in Denmark and you don’t get your driver's license until you are 18. (Simone)

Being 15 in Denmark is stressful but also laid back, because of independence and the lack of judgement.
Students in Denmark are expected to be independent both at school and at home.
At school, the teacher doesn’t check if you understand the topic or did the homework, they just grade it. Instead, you have to do it yourself without an adult’s help. At home, you’re treated as an adult but you’re still expected to obey the rules of the household and get home before your curfew. (Simone)
Independence is a big deal in Denmark, and it's helping teens get a feel of what life's going to be like as an adult.
Everyone's very friendly and nonjudgemental so life's pretty laid back.
Both girls and guys can be close friends without getting intimate and without people thinking they're "together". (Simone)
This way nobody has to worry about who they're friends with because nobody cares.
Being 15 in Denmark seems like it can be incredibly stressful at times, being on your own in lots of ways, but it also seems very relaxed and laid back. This is a very interesting combination but I can see how both of those can help later in life, learning the responsibilities of being an adult young but still having the freedom to do things adults normally wouldn’t have time for.


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