My German Exchange By: Logan Sauer

Hello, my name is Logan Sauer and I am a student from Brandon Middle School, and I took part in a German Exchange with Tobias Baudouin. I enjoy relaxing outside, playing with my younger relatives, drawing, reading, hanging out with friends and playing video games. A few words to describe myself would be creative, adventurous, and excitable.

Logan Sauer (left) and Tobias Baudouin (right)

On this exchange, Tobias had the chance to experience different types of foods, culture, and hobbies of the average Wisconsinite or American. First, we picked him up at the Appleton Airport at around 9:45 PM. We left the airport and went straight to McDonald's. Once we got home, we gave him the average "welcome to your new home" tour and then we went to bed. The next few days, we let him experience a grocery store, let him drive a four wheeler and a snowmobile, and let him "walk on water", or walk on ice for the first time and go ice fishing.

Some things I received from this exchange is German culture, how different life is, and that so many foods we eat aren't in other countries like Doritos and hamburgers with fries. Before Tobi left, we had a party at my house where we played games, ate Mettwurst, and had a really fun time with some of the new friends Tobi had made. Overall, this exchange was a once in a life time experience pushed to the max.

My Trip To Germany

I left school at 11:00. Then, I went home and picked up my bags, and headed off to the Rosendale Intermediate School. After pictures and goodbyes, we were on a bus to Chicago, Illinois. We got to the airport and checked our bags and went through security, and next thing we knew, we were on the plane.

The plane ride was long, but I was able to keep myself busy with homework, music, and movies. When we landed in London, we had to go through security again. After that we had a little bit of time to eat before our flight started boarding, so I went to McDonald's

In Germany, I was able to experience culture, food, and architecture. While I was there we visited a salt mine, a few castles and churches, the cities of Kirchhain and Marburg, a zoo, and the school that we went to.

At the school, they only needed 30 hours of school per week, so they only had 3, 2-hour classes each day. I mad lots of friends over in Germany and had lots of fun. While there, I not only made friends from Germany, but I also made friends from Russia, Australia, and people that were on the trip with me from good ole Wisconsin.

Overall, the main goal to this whole exchange was that I met some amazing people, and was able to experience German culture, foods, and architecture and the history that goes with them. In Germany, I really liked the school and the cities.

The school allows a lot of independence and freedom for the students that American schools don't really allow. The cities were very cool because you can take trains and buses to those cities instead of needing a ride from your parents. Also, the different stores and the food shops along the streets vary in the different ethnicity.


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