Training in Inverness The intro to Scotland.

December 2018.

llie gained his first professional role in the pantomime in the Scottish City, Inverness. I managed find some reduced travel costs and travel from Ilfracombe to Inverness and back for £100.

Dad and Son on the side of the River Ness on a cold night.
Taken on Olies last day of rehearsals.
My first full Scottish Breakfast
My first training walk for the over a week.

Where the River Ness meets the sea.

Day two, took me on a stroll along part of the famous Loch Ness, followed by a chance to watch the premier night of the pantomime!

The journey helped me understand the enormity of the distance we will need to travel to take each mountain across England, Scotland and Wales. The sheer heights we will need to climb.

The really exciting part will be meeting people. On the trip I managed to gain a few more followers and a generous donation towards the travel costs.

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Roy Imeson


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