Magnetoreception in Animals By: Emma gutnikoFf

What is Magnetoreception in animals?

Magnetoreception in animals is a sense that animals have. It is when animals use the earth's magnetic feild as a guide to get home from a far away place. Pigeons, for example have the ability to fly back to their home from an exttremely far place, not using memory, but a magnetic feild.

Which animals have this?

The homing pigeon, turtles, the big brown bat, the drosophila melanogaster fruit fly, dolphins, foxes, honeybees, butterflies, mosquitos, salmon, blind mole rats, mice, deer, dogs and many other animals all have magnetoreception. Turtles can swim hundreds and hundreeds of miles away from their birth place yet when they lay their eggs, they come back to the specific beach where they were born.

Why do certain animals have magnetoreception?

Animals have magnetoreception because certain animals need to be able to migrate and hibernate and use navigation so it is important for those animals to come back to where they were using magnetoreception to help them. They naturally have this ability and scientists beleive that these animals can see these feilds and posibly hear it too. Scientists are still trying to answer this question, and will be gathering information about this topic for as long al they need.

A blind mole rat

How do these animals have magnetoreception and how does it work?

These animals have particles in their bodies that are called magnetite that help them, not only to know where to go but to also see where they are. It is a contrivertial question because it is not yet certain to what these animals have in them that allows them to have an internal compass (magnetoreception). Bioligists and scientists are still trying to figure this out as I said in the previous slide.

Fun Facts!

-Scientists think that humans have this sense as well. It may be our 7th sense.

Thank you!!!!! I hope you enjoyed!


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