Canbury School Newsletter 17th May 2019. issue 160.

Dear Parents and Visitors

I'm always hugely proud of my Canbury students, but not only about the big things, the little things as well. So I was delighted to see this picture of Year 11 student Faysal, now deep in GCSEs, still finding time to help Year 7 students in the art room. Just one benefit of a smaller school setting - we're not too precious about mixing solely with our peers!

Learning together the Canbury way.

Talking of helpful students, Mrs Bowen tells me that Oskar in Year 9 was amazingly helpful setting up for the Momentum cake sale today. There was such an enormous amount that she was in desperate need of another set of hands and he came to the rescue. Well done that man!

Kind regards

Ms Clancy



Students of the week

Year 7

Kyrell for excellent contributions in Spanish on Wednesday.

Anders for delivering a revision lesson on Electricity in Science.

Zac for doing a GCSE Chemistry paper and getting well over 50%.

Year 8

Lucas and Kiran for great effort in Mathematics on Monday.

All of Year 8 for their work in Mathematics on straight lines with Ms Tempera on Tuesday.

All of Year 8 for excellent work on our PowerPoint presentation about Unicellular Organisms in Science.

Ottilie for her consistently conscientious approach in Spanish.

Matthew for consistently good contributions in Spanish lessons.

Harry A for excellent contributions in Spanish on Thursday, especially with connectives!

Kiran for good effort in Spanish on Thursday.

Year 9

Rhian for 100% in her Complete Mathematics last week, Max was very close behind with 97%. Well done to both of them.

Armani for excellent class participation in Spanish.

Year 10

Emily for consistent focus and excellent work in Spanish.

Pascal and Alexander for their competitive question answering in Biology.

Emily for excellent work in History.

Rosie for excellent work in Literacy.

Year 11

Sonia for getting 95% on an iGCSE practice paper.

Felix for getting 91% on a past GCSE Mathematics paper.

Ijaaz for being proactive and productive in revising for his Chemistry exam in a Physics lesson.

Jasmina for demonstrating excellent translating skills in class on Wednesday.

Felix for consistent efforts in class revision.

Faysal for great class participation.

Dean for good efforts in class.

Art installations calls for extra team work - what an exciting end result.

BTEC Art and Design National Extended Certificate students, Ben, Harry and Miles, had a fantastic afternoon yesterday as they began installing their artwork in Kingston Library. The work on display is the outcome of two units of work, one fine art-based and one where they explored their own and other artists' creative processes.

The students were asked to create a response to an art book in the Library catalogue with the aim of encouraging study, reading, library use and literary research. From left to right, in the second picture down, the students' chosen books/artists were: Damien Hirst, Matt Shlian and Pablo Picasso

Team work in the Sixth Form - great effort all round.

The students worked amazingly well as a team and Harry says a huge thank you to Miles and Ben for moving those 240 books so his work could fit on the shelves! Well done boys.


I’m sure you will agree the work is looking fantastic and will be on display until Thursday 23rd May.

Canbury Kings and Queen of the castle have a wonderful day out.

Writes Mrs Littler: "Last Friday saw Year 7 spend a lovely day at Mountfitchet Castle near Stansted as part of their study of life in the Medieval period. The castle is unique being the only reconstructed wooden motte and bailey castle in the whole world. The students had great fun making up their own role-play activities in the bailey as well as completing their worksheets.

Dry, sunny, wonderful day out at the castle.

Some even spent time in the stocks and the pillory! There were plenty of hens, some deer, geese and even a peacock wandering around the castle grounds much to everyone’s delight. We finished with a visit to the shop for some souvenir hunting and then headed back to Canbury. Thank you to Mr Orchard for driving and Miss Dar for the photography. However the biggest thank you of all goes to the students for their super behaviour - they were a credit to the school!"

Did someone say pizza?

Yes they did! Congratulations to Campbell House who won the most House Points last term. In recognition of this brilliant achievement, all Campbell House members are invited to the Geography classroom Tuesday lunchtime to share in a slice or two of pizza. House Captain Harry C will be ordering the lunchtime treat. Feel free to still bring your own packed lunch if you wish as we can't guarantee just pizza will see you through to the end of the school day! Well done Campbell.

Leavers hoodies.....get yours here

Last year the leaving students received a custom hoodie with the names of their classmates and teachers on it along with the school name and logo. We wanted to find out if the leavers this year would also be interested in this excellent memento of their time with us.

If could could please discuss this with your child and respond to reception by Tuesday 21st May if you are interested. The cost would be £20 and they come in a variety of sizes and colours which we can arrange for students to see.

The annual Canbury School sponsored walk - all you need to know in one handy place:

Mr Orchard has produced this go-to guide all about the Canbury School sponsored walk which takes place next Friday 24th May. He also asks you to view the very short video clip below which tells you all about the sterling work of Momentum, the local charity which money from the sponsored walk will go to.


Cake, cake glorious cake for Momentum.

Talking of Momentum, we all know there are many different ways to raise money for charity. So it's a good job we have the sponsored walk next Friday as we will all need to walk off the delicious cake which so many staff, parents and students contributed to our FABULOUS cake sale today and which so many of us indulged in! Mrs Bowen is still counting the pennies so we will let you know next week what was raised. In the meantime, thank you so much to everyone who baked and bought.

A happy and productive cake sale. Just look at Ottilie's most delicious and delicate creation (top left).

Ms Boggi gets the running bug!

Writes Ms Boggi: "As most of you know, I started the couch to 5km programme earlier in the year and I complete it this week!

I started the programme as my nephew and I decided we wanted to do a Race for Life 5km run. We have over the last few years lost many a close family member to cancer and wanted to raise money for Cancer Research.

Ms Boggi and Jay - getting ready for their Race for Life.

Our race is on Sunday 2nd June in Old Deer Park, Richmond. Please feel free to come down and cheer us on!

I am including the link to our sponsorship page in this email - any donation will be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much."


Caitlin does it AGAIN.

Caitlin was awarded the President’s Cup by Electric Eels, the Windsor-based swim club, at Ascot golf club in honour of being Swimmer of the year 2019. Although this was a great achievement, her mum tells us she thinks Caitlin was more excited about winning the dance competition at the party that followed the awards ceremony!


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