Visit Ancestor Homes Via Google By The Genealogy Kids

It's wonderful to visit your ancestors' towns!

But it's not always realistic to vacation to those places. If travelling to your family's ancestral homelands isn't happening, GO ANYWAY! -- Travel via Google Earth or Google Maps. With the amazing technology available to us, we can virtually walk the streets our ancestors walked! And all from the comfort of our own homes.

Many places on the globe have been photographed, street by street, by Google. Once you determine where your ancestor lived (look for addresses on censuses, city directories, or in other family history sources), just type in the place and let Google take you there. Look for the feature that allows you to "walk the street" (drop the little guy onto the road you wish to view).

Pretty soon, you'll be discovering whether or not your ancestor's house still stands, what kind of neighborhood it's in, and getting a feel for the area. How long would it have taken them to walk to the school or the church or the nearest market? How might things have looked different back then? So many discoveries to make, and all from your cozy spot on the couch in your pajamas!

Where will your next virtual vacation take you?


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