Photography Unit 57

22nd March 2017


Light sensitive area - film or digital sensor

Lenses - Instead of changing shape, they move closer or further away to the light sensor

Aperture - In the lens, controls the amount of light reaching the light sensor

ISO - a measure of how sensitive the camera sensor will be to light

Fast shutter speed
Slow shutter speed

Why would you want to control your exposure?

Unlike your eye the camera will take a meter reading of everything in the fram and average this out. This is why shooting into sunlight or against a window can be difficult in auto settings.

Large Aperture = shallow depth of field
Small Aperture = deep depth of field


Rule of Thirds: The theory that when an object is placed with this in mind that your photo becomes more balanced and will enable a veiwer
Framing: The technique of drawing attention to the subject of your image by using other parts in the scene.

What are the benefits of framing?

  • Giving the photo context
  • Giving the image a sense of depth and layers
  • Leading the eye towards your main focal point
  • Intriguing your viewer
Leading Lines: Using natural or man made line that lead the eye through the composition. Helps to show movemet

Yours eyes follow the lines..

  • To a focal point
  • Around a bend
  • Off the page
  • Into the distance
Viewpoint: an easy way of controlling composition

Example: By adapting a low camera angle you can get more impact on you pictures. Filling the frame can also help with this.

Photographing from a different viewpoint or camera angle can often add excitement and drama or even bring out an unusual aspect of a subject.

Symmetry and Patterns: Creation of the image that can be seperated into two parts and still look similar. Catches audiences eye.

Alphabet Task

Write your name in images


Pattern and symmetry attempt

Light Sources

light sources are divided into two major groups

Natural - Sunlight, Moonlight, Reflected daylight

Artificial - Flash, Lamps, Studio light

There are many different types in which light can be placed on a person

Front light, Side light, Highlight, Top light, Underweight, Backlight


Chiaroscuro - pectoral representation in terms of light and shade without regard to colour.
Low Key - By their nature have little light in them, contrast is usually high and the lighting hard. This style is commonly used for more horror based videography/photography.
High Key - uses unnaturally bright lighting to blow out the subject.


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