Coates Field Notes December 2016

Welcome to the new Coates' employee digital newsletter! Please continue to scroll through this digital publication to learn the latest about our company and our colleagues. We'll deliver a new issue to your inbox monthly. Scroll down to read more!

Happy Holidays! We want to remind you of the Coates observed Holidays: December 26th & January 2nd. Enjoy time with family and friends.

Message from IT:

Future Forward

Email Migration - Continued migration from Rackspace to Microsoft Office 365 Email. If you haven't already, look for an email from IT in the coming weeks.

Here are some tips to help speed the process:

  • Clean up your email inbox - delete any unneeded email (but retain all important emails)
  • Clean up your sent items and your deleted items folder – this often goes overlooked as many of us don’t think about the items we have sent or deleted as taking up space.

Docusign - Some of the documents we need you to sign will be sent through Docusign - an electronic signature format used for convenience, timeliness, and ease of viewing. There isn't a need to print off the document and send to us, as a Docusign is equivalent to a hand-written signature.

FYI: You may not be seeing all of your emails! Check your Spam Folder! With the process of migrating from Rackspace to Microsoft, some users may be receiving emails in Spam until every employee has gone through the Migration process - Make sure you verify they're not spam.

Cyber Security

The prevalence of cyber hacking is becoming a common occurrence with the increase of technology, especially in businesses. With that, increases the need to be cyber safe.

Here are some tips to help prevent cyber hacking:

  • For cellular devices, make a six digit lock code. Four digits are too short.
  • Don't have easy to predict passwords. Such as: 1111, 1234, or 5678. These may be easy to remember, but they are also easy to hack.
  • Shred documents that contain personal information. Such as: Birth dates, Social Security (even last four), Credit Card numbers, Account numbers from banks or financial institutions, medical insurance numbers, etc.
  • Don't use work email addresses for store subscriptions.
  • If you receive emails from banks that you don't use, don't open them!
If you had an electronic device lost or stolen that you believe may have had work related information or passwords on, please email with a valid phone number and someone from IT will be in contact with you.

Look for new Cyber Security Policies coming in 2017!


Happy Birthday to our November birthdays! November birthdays combine to be 1,370 years of wisdom!
  • Clayton D. Parker
  • David N. Ozee
  • Gary D. Cornelison
  • George W. Stephens
  • Jeff A. Hughes
  • Jeremy L. Gross
  • John D. Underwood
  • Keane R. Hank
  • Kelly E. Vineyard
  • Kenneth G. Rogers
  • Laura L. Savage
  • Mandy J. Trumbull
  • Matthew S. Clark
  • Michael Shawn Downing
  • Richard E. Ballew
  • Robert H. Watjen
  • Shelley J. Davis
  • Stacy A. Jones
  • Stephen A. Kovach
  • Steven M. Burns
  • Teena S. Birdsall
  • Terry L. Truelove
  • Timothy J. FitzPatrick
  • Tisha A. Jenkins
  • William Robert Woodley


What's the Rush? Drive Safely.

Driving from one location to the next is an important part of our industry. With this in mind, it has become increasingly important to be cautious while driving. Below are some tips to think about before heading out on the road.

  • Check local weather conditions and plan accordingly
  • Give yourself enough time, try not to rush
  • DO NOT use cell phones while driving (if possible, leave your phone in the back seat to avoid temptation)
  • Keep your eyes moving on the road
  • Maintain a safe speed for weather conditions
  • Follow all traffic signs and laws

Work Activity & Expense Reports

Ensure you are getting paid on time.

Submit your work activity and expense reports.

December 1-15 Work Activity and Expense Reports are due to Accounting no later than end of business day Friday, December 16th, 2016!

December 16-31 Work Activity and Expense Reports are due to Accounting no later than end of business day Tuesday, January 3rd, 2017.

To avoid a potential delay in payment, please be sure to submit your Work Activity and Expense Report by the due date.

Also note: The mileage rate will reduce to 53.5 cents per mile, effective January 1st.

Employee Spotlight

Name: Robert Donaldson

  • Job Title: ROW Supervisor
  • Fondest Coates Memory: Receiving 5 year anniversary acknowledgment
  • Favorite Holiday Movie: Frosty the Snowman
  • Favorite Winter Activity: Shopping
  • Given the opportunity, what one person would you interview (dead or alive): John F. Kennedy
  • Favorite Place to Eat: Jersey Mike's
  • Three words that describe you: Determined, Polite, and Grounded

Name: Al Armstrong

  • Job Title: Lead Right of Way Agent
  • Fondest Coates Memory: Helicopter flight surveying ice storm damages in Western Oklahoma. For lunch we landed in the parking lot of Western Sizzlin’ in Chickasha, Oklahoma
  • Favorite Holiday Movie: National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation
  • Favorite Winter Activity: Hunting
  • Favorite Place to Eat: Eischen's Bar in Okarche, Ok.
  • Three must haves if you were stuck on a deserted island: Hotspot with solar charger, laptop, and matches

Name: Laura Savage

  • Job Title: Records Specialist
  • Favorite Holiday Movie: Elf
  • Favorite Winter Activity: Snow Skiing
  • Hollywood has decided to make a movie about you, who would play you: Reese Witherspoon
  • Favorite Place to Eat: Green Chili Willi's
  • Three must haves if you were stuck on a deserted island: Clean water, lighter, knife

Did you know...

The phrase, "Cold feet" is used to show reluctance to something.

However, the phrase actually comes from a military term. A man who had cold or frozen feet — a common affliction until the late 19th century — can’t rush into battle, and so proceeds slowly.

Auto Insurance Compliance

We appreciate everyone's diligence in supplying necessary Auto Insurance Forms. However, we are still missing a few from some. If you have received an email regarding your auto insurance, please provide that information ASAP. Check your spam mail to verify it didn't go to that inbox.

If you have further questions or need assistance please contact:

Abby Morley -


Chad Hohnke -

Providing this information is not optional, and is a requirement by our insurance provider.

Welcome our new employees: Joan Downey, Clayton Parker, James Ramage, Gina Russell, and Laura Savage!

If you're feeling festive....

Friday, December 16th is "National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day."

So pull out that ugly sweater from the back of your closet (or front for some), and celebrate the obnoxious festivities!

Coates Videos

The infamous Bing Crosby, happily irritating Lela Glaze at the Coates corporate office in Oklahoma City.

Video submitted by: April Shepherd. Kinsler probably will never want to go on a train ride.

Employee Anniversaries

Employee Anniversaries for November:

  • Lela Glaze - 31 years
  • Joe Coates - 26 years
  • Barbara Decastro - 22 years
  • Al Armstrong - 17 years
  • Heidy Guendel - 7 years
  • Sarah Draper - 6 years
  • Myona Baser - 5 years
  • Matthew Clark - 5 years
  • Robert Donaldson - 5 years
  • Richard Ballew - 5 years
  • C.E. Crozier - 4 years
  • Marianne Dalton - 3 years
  • David Ozee - 3 years
  • Daniel Spencer - 3 years
  • Mia Warlick - 2 years
  • Michael Biviano - 1 year
  • Tanner Jenkins - 1 year

Thank you for your continued dedication to Coates!

Ronald McDonald House Charities

We appreciate everyone who has donated to Ronald McDonald House of Charities thus far. It has been a major success! So far we have raised $2,827.99 and it continues to grow. Our goal is to reach $3,000 before the donation drive ends on 12/31/16.

If you haven't already, you can donate by clicking this link and filling out the information:

REMEMBER, if you donate $25 or more you will be put into a drawing to receive a day of PTO!

Nifty Fifty Photo Contest

This months theme: Holiday's in the Right of Way!

WINNER! Photo submitted by: Dawn Bricker. "This is my Christmas tradition. I have made Toffee every Christmas since 1975. I lived in Germany, my husband was in the Army and our monthly income was $350.00 a month. We had two children under two. There was just not any money to buy gifts for our family members back home. Butter was 37 cents a pound so a batch of toffee was affordable. (1 lb. of butter, 1 lb. of sugar and 1/2 cup of chopped Almonds was all a batch took. My family now assumes Toffee is a part of out holiday celebrations. I have one granddaughter that has helped out the last couple of years. My "toffee pot" is starting to wear out but I hope to always make my toffee in that pot." - Dawn Bricker

Photo submitted by: Clint Wren - Picture of his kiddos - What does holiday mean to you? "Family." Left to right: Parker- 1 yr, Brinlee- 6 yrs, and Brody- 8 yrs old, and of course Saint Nick (age not disclosed)

Photo submitted by: Bob Bell. "Carson is a seasoned traveler. She has joined her family on several Coates projects, most recently in Virginia, on the Mountain Valley Pipeline. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year."

Photo submitted by: Brandy Crawford. Obviously, these are the royal nutcrackers.

Photo submitted by: Megan Moran. Yummy! This delicious homemade hot chocolate is topped with homemade whipped cream, and of course finished off with some sprinkles. Can't forget the cute Saint Nick and Frosty mugs!

Photo submitted by: J. Andrew Thomas-Rogers. Photo of Coates Field Agent, Gary Cornelison, in his best holiday suit!

Next Field Notes Issue: February

Look for our physical issue of Coates Notes to be mailed out towards the end of January.

Thank you for your participation in the Nifty Fifty Photo Contest! The next submission will be: "Winter Wonderland." Send us your pictures of frozen lakes, icicles, snowflakes, mountain tops, winter scenery, snowmen, and whatever makes you think of a winter wonderland. E-mail your photos to Thank you!
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