Digital Media and Design: A Practical Guide This guide focuses on design, media production, and some of the various software used in ART and CGI courses, as well as other classes doing multimedia projects, such as podcasts and videos.

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Visit the Technology on Reserve Guide to see a list of equipment for checkout. Also, see the Library's List of Free Editing Apps and Open License Media for Class Projects Guide if you need open source software or open licensed images and sound for your multimedia projects.



Audacity is an open-source sound editing program. It is often used in-house to create student podcast projects. While it is available on the computers in the library's Media Lab, you can also download Audacity for free on your PC, Mac, or Linux laptop or desktop computer.


Sound Production and Editing


This software includes tools for animation and computer modeling and design. Some of their products include: AutoCAD, 3ds Max, Maya, Inventor, and more.

Available AutoDesk titles from the MVCC Library

Adobe Creative Cloud

This set of software includes a variety of industry-standard production tools for graphic design, photography, and video. You can find Creative Cloud available on computers (Mac #1, Mac #2, and PC #1) in the library's Media Lab.

After Effects




Premiere Pro


In addition to the books, manuals, and guides listed above by software name, you can a find a number of how-to video tutorials on YouTube for free. You can search the site widely or more narrowly, that is, within individual channels (such as the ones listed below), for the the software for which you are seeking out information and/or the task you are trying to accomplish within that software. Example search terms: "adobe photoshop and masking"

Some helpful and authoritative YouTube channels out there include:


Camtasia is a screen recording and video editing tool. You can find Camtasia available on all of the computers (both PC and Mac) in the library's Media Lab.


In this section, you will find resources about the concept of design and its principles and different facets, with a focus on computer graphics design, human computer interaction, and game design.

Design is a very broad, umbrella-term with many facets. Remember you can always search the library catalog and/or our research databases, as well as the open Web, using more specific terms related to your information need. An example of using more specific search terms is: "(User Experience" or "UX") AND "website design" rather than just "design."

See also these library and other resources:

design wordcloud

Digital Photography


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