Who Was Ben Franklin? By: Niko

Ben Franklin was born in Massachusetts and was born was on January 17, 1706. He was number fifteen in a family with seventeen children. His parents Josiah and Abiah were not rich. Josiah ran a shop called the blue ball where they made candles and soap. Next to the shop was the family home. It had just two rooms downstairs and two upstairs. Young Ben shared a bed with a brother or two.

Ben Franklin decided to stow away on a ship in the fall of 1723. Three days later he was in New York 200 miles from home. Ben liked to print stories and his brother James was his boss but he wasn't treating him well that's why he stowed away to find printing work but he couldn't so he went on to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He made half of the trip by boat and walked the other 50 miles.

In late 1724 he reached London on Christmas Eve . Then In 1725 at the age of only 19 he wrote and printed a book about religion. In the fall of 1726 he returned to Philadelphia and worked for a printer. Then in 1728 went into a printing business for himself. The next year he began to publish his own newspaper called the Pennsylvania gazette.

Ben Franklin invented many things like bifocal glasses, glass harmonica, an artificial "arm". He was also one of our founding fathers of the United States of America. He also discovered the nature of lighting. Sadly, after all of the work he's done he died at the age of 84, and in 1790.

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