The respiratory systyem By Kylie Weller

Parts of the respiratory system

Trachea:The Trachea (windpipe) is above your lungs. It lets air go in to the Bronchi. It is made of rubbery rings of cartilage. It is an organ. The rubbery rings hold the windpipe open.

Bronchi: the Bronchi is inside your lungs. They are tubes that let air in and out of your lungs. It is an organ. The bronchial tubes branch into smaller tubes called Bronchioles. The bronchioles let air go in to the lungs.

Lungs: The lungs are inside your chest. They are so big that they take up most of the room in your chest. They work with the respiratory system to allow you to take in fresh air, get rid of stale air, and talk. They make up one of the largest organs in your body. They are reddish, pinkish organs. They Alveoli's are air sacs covered in blood vessels and they are pink and squishy. They are at the end of each Bronchi. There are about 600 million Alveoli in your lungs and if you stretched them out they would cover an entire tennis court. The protection is the ribs and there are 12 ribs. Do not smoke.

Diaphragm: The Diaphragm is beneath your lungs. The diaphragm opens the ribcage so you can breath. It is a muscle. It works with the lungs to allow you to inhale and exhale. It is dome shaped. When it gets irritated it makes you hiccup. It separates the lungs from your stomach and intestines. It contracts when you breathe in and expands when you breathe out.

Pharynx: the Pharynx is above your Trachea. The Pharynx is your throat. It runs from the back of your nose into your neck.

Larynx: the Larynx is between the Pharynx and the Trachea. The Larynx is a tubed shaped organ in the neck that the vocal cords are in. It is used to breath, talk, and swallow. The Larynx is protected by cartilage called the Adam's apple. Boys have a bigger Larynx than girls.

Oral Cavity: the Oral Cavity is in your mouth. It lets you breath though your mouth because breathing through your mouth lets in more air.

Nasal Cavity: the nasal cavity is in your nose. When air goes in to the nose the Nasal Cavity warms up the air. It gets rid of dust, pollen, and other bad things.

Things that can go wrong with the respiratory systEm

Pneumonia: Pneumonia is an infection that you could get in one or both lungs. It makes mucus that blocks the Alveoli so the air can not go deep in to the lungs. When the air is deep in the lungs it goes in to the blood.


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