tHE DIGITAL CAMERA by: Ellis and Danny

Eastman Kodak

This massive device is the Eastman Kodak, the first digital camera ever. The digital camera was invented by camera company "Kodak", the device was released in 1973 and was definitely the first of its kind. Although the first digital camera was created in 1973, all files were differently formatted. The camera was fairly large and had a lot of exponents. It's batteries were 16 nickel cadmium batteries, it also had an analog/digital converter, a portable digital cassette recorder, and several dozen circuits; although it did look a lot different then a digital camera would look like now, although the quality wasn't amazing with its 100 pixel by 100 pixel black and white image, it did shape the path for the creation of the digital camera until it reached the point that it has today.
1990 Dycam Model 1
Although the 1990 Dycam Model 1 wasn't the most important of its time it was evolutionary in the sense of making cameras more transportable without sacrificing quality. It was created with a small body dense with specification. It could store a total of 32 photos, the memory could either me chosen between 1 to 4 mb, this was possible because of the 0.77 megapixels this camera took.
1991 Kodak DCS
The 1991 Kodak DCS was a collaboration with two of the best camera brands at the time. Since Kodak was the only camera who had mastered digital camera Nikon had collaborated to make high quality photos in a different format. It had 1.3 megapixel Nikon F3 based Kodak DCS (Digital Camera System) The camera consists of an unmodified F3 HP camera body attached to a custom made winder and a digital back.
1999 Kyocera VP-210
The 1999 Kyocera VP-210 was the first ever multitasking camera, meaning that it fit onto a device that was capable of doing other things. It was produced in Japan on May 1999. This hand held device is a major inspiration to phones with cameras on them. The camera could record video at 2 fps and had a 110,000 pixel photo.

PHASEONE is to be considered the best commercial camera out there. The model in the picture behinf is called the PHASEONE XF, different models of the XF come with different specifications, the IQ3 comes in with a total of 50-100MP which is a massive improvement in comparison the 1991 Kodak DCS which had a total of 1.3MP. It comes with amazing features such as an Exposure Calculator, XF Camera Controls, Home screen, XF Camera Controls, Camera Menu, Exposure Zone, Auto ISO and ISO control, and a Clip Warning Tool.


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