Tess Hyre Strategic Communications Portfolio

As a dual major at Shepherd University, one in Recreation & Leisure with a concentration of Sports Communications and the other in Communications & New Media with a concentration in Strategic Communications, I have learned the many fields in communications. Not only through my studies, I have gained work experience through different internships, all of which were in communications. My resume not only highlights my education and work experience, but the many skills I have gained through my years at Shepherd University.

This is a specific PSA video to promote the importance of health and fitness and to end obesity in the United States. All of the footage is original content filmed in Charles Town, West Virginia and Harpers Ferry, West Virginia.


In addition to the video that was created, this flyer advertisement was an additional ad created to help promote the importance of exercising and to also promote BeThe1.com for more helpful tips on what people can do to help lower the statistics of obesity in the United States.

Chipotle Crisis

The focus of this piece is Chipotle and their crisis over the E. coli and norovirus outbreak scare they had happen to their restaurants across the United States back in December 2015 and coming up with a solution to solve their problem and restore the trust they once had with loyal costumers.

Childhood Obesity

The 2012 Bateman Case Study Projects all covered childhood obesity and addressed the primary causes for childhood obesity within their region. Loyola University discusses the city of New Orleans in Louisiana and the University of Maryland focuses more so in the metropolitan area and discusses obesity rates in Silver Springs, Maryland specifically. The goal for each case study was to raise awareness among children, teenagers, and parents to help end obesity and start living a healthy life. Both universities were challenged to create a public relations campaign and partner up with one or more local organizations that had similar goals and missions to end childhood obesity to then show potential progress in their efforts throughout their study. I developed a comparison case study on both universities to highlight which university's strategic campaign was more effective then the other.

In advertisement class, I have gained skills with Adobe Cloud Photoshop 2015 and have learned different techniques that have helped me produce advertisement, such as the one above, with overlaying images to adjusting the color of images to help make them pop.

White Christmas

This research paper discusses the realistic quality White Christmas (1954) possesses through the understanding of World War II, but also the unrealistic attributes the film displays for viewers. Through the evident gender roles the film portrays between men and women, to the fantasy qualities, both Michael Curtiz and Irving Berlin use Hollywood glamorization of set designs to set unrealistic settings. This paper also includes how critics have evolved and changed in the perspective of the film since the day it opened in 1954, to the present day. Through the wave of psychology, critics have since taken a psychological approach in defining not just the title of the film, but also using Sigmund Freud’s psychological approach to the subconscious and conscious mind, including race as well.

The Moral Compass of Media

The media has changed through the years, more so during the early 2000's to the present. Being able to identify what is right to what is wrong has turned to something that is a thing of the past, specifically through entertainment. With prior research through scholarly articles and even examples of entertainment performances, I have developed a formal research paper that goes into more detail of the moral compass and the media and how both now deflect one another.

Advertisement & Semiotics

Through the years, advertisement has changed drastically when it comes to sexualizing women. Between signs, the signified and signifier, the artistry, and even phrases featured in magazine ads, they lead to sexualizing the subjects in some way that is featured in advertisement. During thorough research, I have defined the differences that can be seen from the 1990's to the present in advertisement and I have also highlighted the changes of which advertisement have taken when producing new ads for the world to see.

Female Sports Reporters

My prior experience with writing research papers has lead me to collaborate my love of both majors to develop thorough research on the perception people have on females in the sport industry, specifically female sports reporters. I have developed an extended abstract to help explain what exactly my research paper focuses on and to open the eyes of others who may not have realized the inequality between men and women in sports.

Flyer Designs

The flyers featured above are flyers I designed and created for not only print out flyers, but also social media flyers that have all been featured on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to help promote events and contests through Shepherd University and Charles Town, West Virginia.

Additional Experience

Education is just one of the fundamental pieces for ones careers, but also work experience. Through interning at a public relations firm, I have learned effective ways to blog and have created original content for Platinum PR, a public relations firm in Shepherdstown, West Virginia, for their blogging website featured on their website. I have not only gained blogging and writing experiences, but also social media content for clients, Microsoft Excel spreadsheet creations, and also helping host events for clients, I have been exposed to different attributes that go into running a PR firm.

Created By
Tess Hyre


Created with images by Pexels - "apple computer hands" • JeepersMedia - "Chipotle" • geralt - "comic fig child" • ruffin_ready - "LP cover - Irving Berlin's White Christmas" • callewaert_megane - "The Media" • Candida.Performa - "Time For a Change?" • Unsplash - "blogging blogger office"

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