The book Till the night be past. And how it effects me By kaleb Ohlmeier

Let me start with what this book is about the book named Till the night be past by Theodore j Kleinhans and the book is biography on dietrich boneheofer and his life.

Dietrich lived through many things such as WW1 and being a theologian during the time of the notzis. His life was hard and went against hittler he even tried to bomb him even though it failed which got him executed but lets go into detal about his life

He was born into a rich family and had life pretty good till world war one happened, ( Theodore j Kleinhans pages 1 - 30) making his life hell and times were rough so he decided to become a theologian paster instead of being a politicaion. that is the reason why this book was made actly because it told the struggels and problems of being a paster against hittler

His life of course wasn't peaceful, ( Theodore j Kleinhans pages 50 - 125) but it was hard and he was secretly teaching people the word of god so people may believe in the lord and pray for help in their time of need. Life wasn't getting easier and times of life for every one was getting worse and he knew what he had to do.

Deitrich know he had to do something about hittler , ( Theodore j Kleinhans pages 130 -150 )so no more people would be killed because of this man. So he decided to join a group of people that were planning to bomb him. The built a bomb out of parts they could find and get till it was time to remove this tirent

The end is that he did try to bomb hittler and the bomb didn't go off and the problem wasn't known so they couldn't fix it. because of that he got exuceted. Before he was exuceded he decided to undress him self and said " I came into this world naked and I am coming out of this world in the same way"( Theodore j Kleinhans pages 1 - 10).

Deitrech's life is an example to lead people like me so that we don't give up when things gets hard and to stand for what you are and what you do and don't let anyone stop you from that. Even today I could find was to use this lesson with my troubles here in this life.

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