italy geography by Brendan Speckmann

the plains

the plains was great for many reasons. you could grow many crops including grapes, olives, wheat, rice, and cherries. that helped italy for supporting food to everybody as well as having a surplus. they could also have livestock as well including cattles, donkeys, and chickens. that gave them milk and eggs and meat for food. more people want to live there because of that

some of italy's plains

apennines mountains

the apennines mountain range does good for italy. It is not to tall that nobody can cross it. it is not dividing the country because you can cross it easier than other mountains but still provides some protection. some minerals and rocks found in the mountains are boron, mercury, salts, and marble.

apennines mountains

the tiber river

the tiber river played a big role in where the location of rome is. it gave romans a source of water in which cities and countries need. they use it for drinking, cleaning, bathing, fishing, and trading. they could do so much more with the tiber river. they also were away from the sea so that pirates could not raid there city.

tiber river

the seven hills

the seven hills was a great place for rome to build their city. it helped them defend their city against enemy attack. they could bombard an enemy or role logs or boulders down the hill. also, they can see far away to locate the enemy. they were very close to the river to have easy access. many travelers stopped at rome for shelter

some hills


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