cause and effect exploration Demetrius juarez

Christopher Columbus discovered America

3 Causes: 1). The product he was after was spices 2).He took a shortcut to go west to get riches of India, to take a Journey around the tip of Africa 3). After 700 years later Moors lose their last foothold in Spain which the king and queen reconquer Spain. They gain money which led Christopher Columbus to set sail for Spain

3 Effects: 1). Ponce de ion's exploration led the first Spanish settlement which is now the United States. 2). Finding new islands and many different things. 3). He died not knowing all the things that he discovered.

World explorations by Europeans

3 Causes: 1). European desire for new trade routes. 2). Growing power and wealth of European materials 3). Missionaries desire to content others to Christianity

3 Effects: 1). Knowledge grows about other regions 2). Europeans and Native Americans Clash 3). Rivalry in American grows between European powers

Triangular Trade

3 Causes: 1). Desire for raw materials from the new world gold, Jewels, Silk and Perfumes 2). Trade between Europe Africans put Americans developed a triangular vote. 3). The discovery of Americans.

3 Effects: 1). Europeans brought new weapons to Africa 2). Slave trade spread between cultures 3). Economy changed cash crops growth of sugar cane plantations

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