Healthy Relationships A better Family Relationship

Conflict can cause stress, it can also end friendships and family's. It has been a number of reasons for divorce or war or even fights. Conflict can be a good thing or a bad thing. For instance, you and your mind has conflict everyday. You want to have double cheeseburger with extra bacon but your mind says that is unhealthy and that you should eat a salad. All of conflicts can be solved by compromising. You and your mind could make a deal and say that if you eat a double cheeseburger with extra bacon you also need to eat a salad. Comprimising is a great way to end an fight. Comprise means to take one idea and another and make a better one so both people are happy. Here is an example for you.

Your family has been arguing about how they should eat and work out. Your mom and sister thinks that we should eat better. But our dad thinks we should work out more and get stronger rather than thin. So the family does their own thing the boys work out and the girls eat healthy. So they decided to compromise rather than fight. They made a deal where they would all work out and eat healthy after the work out so they become healthy and strong in the same day and they do this on a daily basis.


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