Drug One Pager Marijuana

Marijuana has many dangerous effects on the human body and many of them can almost control your brain, that is why this drug is so dangerous.


A chemical known as THC is responsible for most of the mind altering effects of marijuana even though there are about 500 different chemicals in it. That shows that one chemical alone can effect your brain tremendously and then there are 500 more in the same drug. That is the reason that drugs are so dangerous to your body.

The drug can also be very dangerous and hurtful to animals especially dogs. They can get sick or even die. So if you do drugs and your dog gets a hold of it and eats it, there is a high chance that it will die. If your pet dies then you could get depressed and that wouldn't help.

Marijuana makes you lose motivation attention and your life in general. It can create family problems and can also effect your attention in school so you can get worse grades and can get stressed. Then you can lose family and friends due to only worrying about the drug and not them. This could heavily impact your life because if you need your family they wont be there for you and will let you do it alone.


Marijuana use can also lead to memory problems and learning problems. People who have used it in their teens (even if they stopped in adulthood) showed an average of an 8 point I.Q. drop. This shows that the drug influences your intelligence so it could also make it harder to get a good job to be able to support yourself or your family. That's one reason you should think before you do drugs.

Marijuana is rarely fatal, but it can lead you to stronger more dangerous drugs and it can also change your perception and the way you see the world and that can lead to car accidents or other fatal and dangerous injuries. If you do drugs it will almost double the chance to be in a dangerous accident. That is another reason to rethink doing drugs.

Marijuana also increases the chance to have mental health issues and can lead to depression and anxiety. Those illnesses can lead to suicidal thoughts and sometimes even actually committing suicide. That is never what you want to happen because it will ruin the chance to have a long happy life. That is another reason to not do drugs

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