Spring Cleaning 2017 With Dura-Shine Clean

We all know the hassle of getting ready for the holidays and making sure the house is "clean". Truth is, many of us say we “clean” by sweeping here and there, using Lysol towels and calling it good…but how many of us really just hide things in our closet? Throw boxes in the garage?


We are all guilty of doing this!

….and if not, then you’re probably an alien.

The real question is, when was the last time you decluttered some of that mess?!

Don't Panic, we have listed some steps to make this spring cleaning smooth sailing!

Step 1.

Determine which areas are seen the most by guest, or areas that should always stay clean due to sanitation!

Suggestions: Kitchen, living room, and bathroom

Step 2.

Take large gallon bags and start picking up things you could give away!

The biggest mistake people make is getting distracted by all the cool thing “You didn’t know you had”. Stay focused, once you have filled a few bags take them to your local second hand store to donate. “One man’s junk is another man’s treasure.”

*Tip: Clear out the trunk of your car. This will help you set a goal to have your trunk filled with junk you no longer need. *

Step 3.

Scrub. Put on a new pair of rubber gloves and clean every inch of your focused room. Start by cleaning the small corners, dust the blinds, clean the blades of your ceiling fan, remove items from the shelf and dust them each individually and clean the entire shelf they are sitting on. Don’t be afraid to move things to clean behind or under them. This is SPRING CLEANING, which means it is the time to scrub every nook and cranny of your home!

*Tip: Start high and clean down the room. As you clean off the light bulbs, cobwebs and shelves up high the dust and particles will fall downward onto the floor. Finish by sweeping or vacuuming. *

Step 4.

As soon as you’re finished decluttering and scrubbing, now it’s time to wipe down all surfaces and polish up!

Get your kids to help! While you spray, they can wipe, this can also teach them about germs and why it’s so important to sanitize all areas. After wiping and polishing your home will look nice and sparkly clean!

Step 5.

Tidy up, put away your cleaning materials, burn a candle to make your home smell nice and fresh, and sit back and enjoy your clean home because YOU ARE FINISHED!

need a good scent ? Head on over to Bath and body works for some of the best smelling candles for any season!

Step 6.

If all fails, or you don’t have time for a deep spring cleaning call us! We’d love to help you get your house in tip-top-shape!!!

Call Dura-Shine Clean and receive 20% off a spring cleaning package!


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